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How to Boost Sales

Updated on October 20, 2010

Make It Easier to Buy (Step 1)

The easier it is for people to buy from you, the more customers you will have. This means eliminating unnecessary steps from transactions. If there is a simpler alternative, make use of it!

This also means accepting more payment methods as well. For example, if you only accept cash, then you should open up a merchant account and begin accepting debit and credit. If you online make sales offline, then you should consider starting a website and making sales digitally.

The more options customers have to choose from, the more likely they will be to buy from you.

Sell to Existing Customers (Step 2)

Selling to existing customers is a standard business tactic that most sales personnel already incorporate into their strategy.

In regards to the customer, you should reward them for their loyalty by giving out free samples, setting up rewards programs and providing them with exclusive information like upcoming sales and such.

It’s not easy making every returning person feel valuable, but the better you treat people, the better they will treat you.

Offer Incentives for Sales Staff (Step 3)

On the selling end, you should be providing sales incentives and encouraging cross-selling, or selling items that are related to the initial purchase.

A sales incentive like extra vacation time or a company retreat work because it provides motivation for those making the sales. This becomes more feasible if the customer already has a buying history with you.

Stay Visible (Step 4)

One reason for a decrease in sales is a loss of visibility. People won’t buy from you if they don’t know that you are selling.

Use visible marketing efforts, and take advantage of current technology trends. You may not have all the money in the world, but if you have access to the Internet, you can leverage that resource to reach a lot of people.

Social networking is a prime player in marketing products and services, and it’s extremely relevant as well. Not only that, but most of these outlets are free of charge. You can also create e-mailing lists and distribute newsletters that way.

The competition is fierce, so use as many relevant avenues to keep your company’s name out there!


Spending money is a very emotional process, believe it or not. If you promote the feelings people experience from using your product or service, you can encourage more sales.

Just because a customer doesn’t buy from you the first time, doesn’t mean you should write them off. If you create a system to obtain their contact info and follow up on them, you can catch a lot of sales from second-guessers.

Answering customers’ questions is important, because the right answer to the right question can lead to an immediate sale.


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      highly useful info, thanks Misthaven!