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Updated on February 10, 2015

Should I Buy Tesla Stock?

One of the hottest stocks of 2013, 2014 and into 2015 is Tesla. Right up there with Twitter, Apple, Google, and Facebook, you hear about this company almost daily in the news. It could be called a "cult" stock as you can find so much written about the company that your head will spin.

No matter whether you love Tesla's electric cars or think the company is nothing more than flash in the pan, you can find numerous articles that support your opinion. But should you buy Tesla stock and can you make money investing in the company?

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The Tesla Stock Chart

Tesla stock (as I write this) has an all time high of $291 but is now trading in the $210 to $220 range after a rough 5 month period. The stock has been up and down but it is still way up from were it was 2 years ago. The company doesn't pay any dividend so there is nothing for investors who like those and there is no P/E ratio because they don't make enough money yet.

Tesla Is A Speculative Stock

At this time, Tesla cars are unproven as they try to make inroads into the electric car market. They are a cool company led by a charismatic and young CEO (Elon Musk) who has a cult following himself. Whether going "green" in the automotive industry will ever work is something that as yet is totally unproven. But people seem to be betting that if electric cars are ever going to become mainstream, Tesla will be the leader.

One of the problems with buying Tesla stock is that it jumps around so much in price. That is because it is so speculative and so prone to movement by the ever changing opinions of investors. Because it is such a new company with new technology and ideas, investors really have little to go on in terms of solid facts. Yes, the company is hot right now but there is no way to know whether it will ultimately be profitable.

If you do decide to buy Tesla stock, make sure you understand that you will need a strong stomach to absorb all the ups and downs the stock will make!

Buying Tesla? You Need An Online Discount Broker

Anyone who wants to buy stock (Tesla or any other company) needs to open a broker account online. This is easy to do and picking a broker is the first step.

My choice for an online broker is TD Ameritrade (who I use) and I highly recommend them to investors of all levels. They consistently rank in the top of most customer satisfaction surveys and they have an easy to understand platform that is simple to navigate.

There are many other online discount brokers to choose from and they include, TradeKing, E*Trade, Scottrade, Merrill Edge, and others. No matter which of these brokers you choose, your money will be safe as they all are reputable and can be trusted.

How To Buy Tesla Stock

Here is a video showing how you buy Apple stock on TD Ameritrade. Of course you will be buying Tesla but the way you do it is EXACTLY the same.

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