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5 Tips for a Successful B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Updated on January 9, 2014

B2B consumers are savvy, and require lots of valuable information about a product or service to help them make intelligent buying decisions. As a result, they spend enormous amounts of time absorbing detailed information when they are seeking a solution(s) to their pressing problems. If your target audience falls into this category, and you leverage this consumer behavior, it will enable you convert many of them into buyers. How? The tips and advice below will help you achieve that.

1. Create a Professional Looking White Paper

B2B customers like to do things professionally. Any material that you present to them must be of good quality and professional. This will make them take you seriously and value your content. One way to give them all this information is through white papers.

Within your white paper, be sure to incorporate every detail of your product or service including its components, how it functions, the benefits it provides, and any technical explanation about it. This will empower them with some knowledge about your offer before they make the decision to buy.

2. Provide Value for Customers

As an expert in your industry, strive to produce as much valuable information tailored to solving the problems your prospects are facing as possible. In other words, don’t talk about what your product or service can do. Simply provide valuable and practical content that can help them resolve their issues without sounding too pushy with your offer. Being savvy consumers, the quality of your content will motivate them to contact you for more inquiries about what you are offering. Remember, any blatant marketing attempts will discourage them from spending the required time absorbing your valuable content. Avoid marketing but rather focus on helping them, and you will be amazed at the rate of conversion.

3. Expand Your Reach

When it comes to information consumption, consumers have their preferred content formats and platforms where they feel comfortable absorbing them. For these reasons, producing a variety of content such as blog posts, newsletters, ebooks, info graphics, podcasts, webinars and videos will give them a wide range of options for accessing and consuming your content. Additionally, a lot of them spend their time on different platforms, so spread the word about your content on various distribution channels to reach as many prospects as possible.

4. Use Magnetic Headlines

Many competitors are vying for the attention of your target audience just like you. No matter how useful, detailed and informative your content is, if the titles are weak, nobody will pay attention to it. One thing that can make your information stand out from the crowd is the headline. So use relevant, compelling and persuasive headlines that resonate with your potential clients’ problems. This will not only draw their attention to the content but will also encourage them to click through to consume the information.

5. Leverage Your Success Stories

Your satisfied clients can serve as a powerful sales force for marketing your product or service to prospective customers. Take advantage of satisfied customers by developing case studies to prove to your target audience the value of your offer and how to it can help them meet their needs and make them happy like your satisfied clients. When potential customers have access to the case studies and even go a step further to contact elated customers to hear their side of the story, your chances of conversion will increase greatly.

There is so much information about B2B content marketing on the internet that can overwhelm you. Implementing the five simple tips above in your content marketing strategy will help you achieve your business goal without much fuss.


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