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How SMS Marketing pays you ? How to earn money free ?

Updated on August 23, 2014

Which Marketing would have more reachability?

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Read SMS & Earn
Read SMS & Earn


Many companies in the past were trying to promote their business online through Internet Marketing. However later they realized that more than Internet marketing there is something which can give more traffic to their website by targeting more customers.

More than one computer at home, there are more mobile/smartphone devices at home.

Considering the above idea at mind, they gave a thought of using sms to advertise to customers of all mobile service providers. However the customers of mobile service providers are not being paid for reading sms.

To contribute or share the revenue of such advertising, companies evolved to have tie up with such advertisers and send sms to their registered customers.

By this way, advertisers get more customers to view their advertisement. Conversion rates to purchase the product are comparatively better for advertisers through SMS Marketing. This is how SMS Marketing evolved.

More opportunities for you to earn ?

SMS Marketing companies inorder to reach more customers, they introduced a concept of word of mouth and paid their customers for introducing more customers to them. So whoever is part of SMS Marketing companies would not only get paid for reading sms, but also for referring their friends/relatives.

It doesn't stop here. More than that when their friends or relatives read the sms, the introducer or referrer gets paid a part of the money.

How SMS Marketing company make money ?

There are two categories of company.

1) Company who doesn't ask for one-time registration fee but pay you very less say 10p/sms

2) Company who asks for one-time registration fee (INR 600) but pays you better say 4.75p/sms.

Company who asks for money from you, you should be very careful about company. I would advise not to invest.

But companies work on the concept of getting paid from their clients who are willing to promote their business through sms marketing.


Though there is opportunity always, there is limitation too. Limitation is all about how much your sms marketing network you build survives, that much you earn.

Or if you have right team or right people who are really interested to grow, definitely you can build a successful network in SMS Marketing world with first category company. For Second category company, if it is trust worthy or well recognized company, you can proceed with second company.

Want to earn money ?

Looking for an opportunity to earn through SMS Marketing ? then contact me.


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