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How To Earn Money on Facebook

Updated on May 10, 2016

How to make money on facebook?

Facebook login and earn money seems like the perfect combination right? Yes-it is possible to earn money from Facebook and its not really difficult to earn money on Facebook rather i think it is the easy way to earn money online as you don't need to spend hours and hours trying to make online on Facebook.You need a facebook profile and All you need is a little investment and a bit of mathematics in the beginning and once you are set then you are ready to go.

There are in fact two ways of earning money on Facebook one is development of a application and then earning money from it either by selling it to big companies or by embedding adsense ads in the application you designed but this method is of course not for those of you who dont know anything about programming but the programmer guys can take good advantage of this method of earning from facebook.

The second method is the easy one and that many people prefer as it doesn't require any programming skills but you do need a little investment to start earning money by this method.I am talking about '' Facebook ads '' .If you dont know much about facebook ads then its time to know because Facebook is not only just a social networking giant it is also a targeted advertising giant and it is growing each and every day so why not take advantage of it ? All you need to do is join an Affiliate marketing network like Amazon , E-bay ,commission junction ,Click bank (i usually don't prefer click bank because i don't trust it after my password was sadly hacked).For those of you who don't know what is affiliate marketing in simple words you promote their products and they pay you commission on every sale that is made through you.

So after you have joined any affiliate network lets say ''Amazon'' then its time to place your product ads on facebook.Facebook offers you two types of payment structures one is pay per click and other is pay per thousand impressions you can choose any of them but it is recommended to use pay per click in the beginning to get an idea if pay per thousand impression will be profitable or not . You can pay a minimum of 0.01 dollars per click or thousand impressions and you can also set a daily budget of minimum 1 dollar.Now lets go to mathematics part

Lets say you are using any affiliate network and you selected a product that pays you 5$ per sale then what you have to do is place your product ad on Facebook .Lets say if you buy 20 clicks for 4$ at a rate of 0.20 $ per click and you make two sales out of these 20 clicks mean you have 2 conversions.Your affiliate network will pay you 10$ for these sales and you spent 4 dollars on making these sales leaving a net profit of 6$.

This is the fasted way to earn money on Internet and there is no risk of any spam as this is sort of like your own business and you make decisions for your business yourself .you just need to have a better idea of what products will do well and what will not.You just invest lets say 50 dollar on this and then just sit back and cross your fingers.Facebook only charge you when your ad has been clicked.

You can also read some books that are available in market to help you better understand Facebook ads and using them more effectively.This might be a start of your whole new online business so i would suggest you to read as much information as you can before you invest any money.

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    • kamran210 profile image

      Kamran 6 years ago from Pakistan

      Thankyou :)

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      imranhaider 6 years ago

      nice kamran .i realy love that types of articls nice job