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How to Find the Best Recruiter Software For Your Organization

Updated on March 8, 2013

Know your organization

Probably the first and foremost factor in deciding which type of software is best for your organization is knowing how your organization does business. Some other things that you need to know about your organization are:

  • Size of your recruiting team(s)
  • Average number of job candidates that your company seeks on a regular basis
  • Recruiting Industry focus of your organization (who you are recruiting)
  • What exact needs that you have in finding your recruiter software

Every organization is different of course and probably the most important aspect of finding a package is determining what type of ongoing support that you will receive after you have purchased your software.

The software is updated frequently

A growing company that believes in its products and has a solid history will continue to conduct development and updates to their product. They know that there is always room for improvement are constantly taking into consideration feedback that they are given to make their product even better. A company that reinvests in its product is more likely than not to be around for a very long time.

Software demos

Some of the best software for recruiting out there is available for a free demo. The companies providing such software are pretty confident that you will like the software’s features that they are willing to give away some of it for free. Also, as the potential client, you will want to be sure that the software can minimally meet your needs.

The software is intuitive to use

All software programs are not created equally. Some of software programs are not at all easy to pick up for the end user let alone figure out. On the other hand, some software programs are built with the customer in mind and are a cinch to figure out and operate. This is the type of software that you will want to go with. An organization should not have to spend a lot of valuable time undergoing training for an overly complicated product that could have been built more intuitively to begin with.

Software product testimonials

Testimonials are a good way to determine a product’s worth. This is no different when it comes to software. You will usually be able to find testimonials on some of the best software out there. The best reviews are independent reviews or word of mouth reviews because those appear to be the most sincere. A good review usually means that the software does the job that it was meant to do.

Good communication

The company whom you choose to be your next software vendor should have a customer focus. They will know that the customer is king and will go out of their way to offer outstanding and ongoing support for their product. Look for companies that are willing to establish an ongoing relationship, have a customer service phone number located on their web site and also offers ongoing support for their product.

Product features

You will come across some software that tries to be everything to everyone. These software products tend to be very complicated and hard to figure out. Rather than develop a new software product, the software vendor may choose to bundle many unrelated tasks into the software. This is the type of software that you want to avoid because of the training time and usually costs associated with getting features that you really don’t need.


Finding the best recruiter software is not something that can be done overnight. It will take careful organizational analysis, vendor research and demoing of the software to find the software that will best fit into your organization. There are many software companies out there so take a little time to know what you like before making your next software purchase to ensure that it is a good fit


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