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The right winning mentality for taking risks

Updated on November 3, 2011

Taking risks is simply taking your chances with the expectation of winning or achieving the desired or expected results in the end. Running a risk is like gambling and coming out the winner or unscathed all the time has always a great problem for many risk takers and this is because in this unpredictable game, you are always expecting to win even though you are playing against the odds which will hardly be in your favor.

A very big problem indeed, if you ask me…

Ok, but what if I tell you that there is a way in which can go about your taking these [necessary] risks without losing anything, will you believe me?

Do you still remember that it is often said that anything is quite possible if only you know how? So today, you are going to know how to make it very possible for you to run any type of risk without losing anything.

You may not believe it but there is just basically one [or should I say two] thing/s to be done to always win in any risky activity one is involved in. Can you believe that?

Once you know what to do, your win is assured. But before I start mentioning those necessary things, first let us take a closer look into the different mind of the two major types of risk takers so as to understand their mentality and the reasons why they are the way they are. Doing this will even enable you to know where you stand as a risk runner or even a gambler after all, like they say, everything in this life is a gamble.

The Type A risk takers

The first type of people who take chances are those who will risk a little at first and they loose. Then they will increase their stakes. They will loose again. Then they increase their stakes once more. Their strategy and purpose is to chase the money [or whatever their stake is] which they’ve previously lost so as to get it all back in one big swoop. The keep doing this until they lose it all and then they will call it quits with taking risks.

The Type B Risk takers

This group includes all those who will gamble a little at first. And then when they lose, they don’t abandon taking risks entirely. They just reduce their stakes. They will then repeat the whole process again each time with smaller bets with a [subconscious] hope to lose.

Yes, they hope to lose because it is only by loosing that they will be able to justify their reasonability in going lower in their betting.

So those are the major two types of risk runners you may come across every day. Although both intend to win, they go about their business with different intention. The first group hopes to win big and make back all they have lost; the second group wants to play it by the ear by going lower with the hope of justifying their losses should the inevitable occur…

In the end, they still loose!

But since our intention is to make sure that anyone who is taking risks comes out a winner, what then can be done?

Like I mentioned earlier, there are some simple but very important things which anybody who wants to take any type of risk should be aware of so as to win all the time. They are:

Taking risks without emotion

First and foremost, all risk taking should be done strictly without emotion. The emotion I am talking about here includes fear, greed, confusion, rashness, anxiety, indecision, hopefulness as well as hopelessness…

This is simply because when all emotions are removed, the person running the risk can only focus on the game at hand and not on the results. Those two types we earlier introduced are allowing emotions to determine their fate, so to speak.

They are so much connected to the result of their actions which is seriously affecting the way in which they play. While the first group is hoping to use their next game to recover whatever they’ve earlier lost, the second group is trying to win small by playing safe, which might sound reasonable, but the problem therein is that in the event of them winning, there is every possibility that they would be filled with remorse, regret or even anger with themselves for not betting with more when they had the opportunity and should they lose, they will thank their stars, after all they knew it was what they expected.


So for you to win in all your taking risk taking exercises, please know that you will have to separate yourself from the result of your activities and the only way to effectively do this is by first disconnecting yourself from all emotions right from the onset!

But that’s not all. There is one thing every successful gambler will tell you and if you listen to him or her, you will find out that it is the key to taking risks. Ignorance of this very important fact is just enough to make or mar the gambler/s. Do you know what it is?

Ok. Listen.

The most important advice you can ever get if you really want to take any type of risk is this - always know when to stop!

It is as simple as that.


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