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How to get out of a sales slump- Use these steps to change slumps quickly

Updated on October 13, 2011

get out of that slump now .Here's how.

how to get out of a sales slump
how to get out of a sales slump

How do you know if you are in a sales slump?

Well, apart from the records speaking for themselves and your boss constantly riding you to get out of the slump and get back to basics, there are a couple of things that you could notice as being clear indentifiers for a sales slump in salesman and women.

  • You will definitely become short tempered and ratty.
  • Your demeanor changes radically and your sense of humor goes out hte window.
  • Things can not move fast enough when you are waiting on something.

The curse fo the sales slump has affected in the top 10% of sales professionals as it is the nature of the sales environment that sometimes deals just collapse.

We are going to run through an ideal breakdown of the sales slump to help you find the grounding of the basics that you may have lost along the way and hence ended in the sales slump you find yourself in.


Regain your focus

  1. Go back to the beginning and decide who your target market is for your products.
  2. Focus on what you hope to accomplish for today - from your plan or list.
  3. Decide what order you are going to use to fulfill your goals and list

We speak of lists and goals in more detail later on.

Re-Evaluate your activity level

Be downright honest with yourself about how much effort you put into completing lists of things you need to do each day.

Are you approaching all your tasks with the same amount of effort and energy ?

Ask your self these questions;

  1. How many prospecting calls am I actually making ?
  2. What do I have planned for today. Is there a plan even.
  3. Do I manage the time in my day effectively or am I wasting much of it actually being counter productive.
  4. Of the clients I have, am I meeting their expectations in terms of delivery and promises made to send them info.

Rediscover your confidence

Much of our confidence comes from past experience where the results have been positive in nature.We need to think back on the deals that were successful and remember how we behaved in the sale moment that created that sense of ease for our client to buy our product. Sales slumps can often send you in a tailspin and you lose confidence in your abilities.

Try to see the situation for what it is and shift you rbeliefs in yourself to a positve frame of mind which is half the battle of correcting a sales slump.

We often forget how confident we were when we producing our best sales figures. This point of our career is actually identical, however we forget the positive mental attitude that we carried with us throughout the day.

Sometimes the power of self affirmation in instructing yourself that this is only temporary is enough to jump start your return to the fray.

There are other alternative such as cognitive behaviour therapy to provide you with responses to any negative thinking until it becomes second nature and your sales feel a little easy to maintain.

Sales motto of the century - always be closing
Sales motto of the century - always be closing

Using your network for refferals

How many times have you been successful at a particular sale or deal ?

However many you can recall, it is more often than not that after the first few months, you have forgotten to request referrals from your clients. I have a colleague who is still building his database at age 65 with over 7000 client emails. His method is to send a batch every week in rotation giving an update on the market he works in and his latest products for that month. He gets terrific response form his database which keeps him going because he has a system he sticks to.

One of the earliest faults I learned the hard way, was in real estate. Never start to sell a property to the open market without having first spoken to the neighbors. In up to 30 % of all real estate deals, the neighbor either buys themself or knows a relative who wishes to live nearby. Never pass up on an opportunity to tell a neighbor about a meeting you just had with his neighbor who bought product x from you.

Remember - Always be closing .

Constantly review your sales plan

If you ask any successful person what made them successful and prevented sales slumps, it inevitably is the same.

  • Always prepare a list for the day
  • Always complete the list of to do items
  • Never stop making the lists.

The easiest way to become successful is to constantly update your goals for the month,week, year etc. By having a written plan, it becomes difficult to stray from that plan and your sales result remain in the upper echelon.

Always remember though that a plan is usually just a means for direction and works better if you keep changing it and working on it to refine your approach to your market.

Limit the time spent with clients

Some clients can really sap your time when you are under pressure of multiple appointments in one day. Be wary of the amount of time you spend with these particular clients as you may be tempted to take it easy and visit these client too regularly if you know that you can take it easy there.

There is only so much time in each week and only 4 weeks on average to meet your targets. So why would you waste time better spent on other goals.

It is always better to spend more time cultivating future pipeline business than it is to keep on trying the same client over and over for the hard sell that may never happen.

Go on now. Get creative and be resourceful in sales
Go on now. Get creative and be resourceful in sales

Always be resourceful

For sales people, there is never any certain chain of events that one can expect every month. Every day will be different. By finding additional creative resources that stand you apart from the rest in your market place is what you need to stay on top of your game and avoid that sales slump.

There was a reason that got you your clients previously. What was it that enabled you to get these clients. How will you get more clients again. Become resourceful and formulate a plan for targeting your market place. Who do you want to sell to. How will you go and get them as clients.

Relieve stress often and relax a moment
Relieve stress often and relax a moment

Relieve Stress and Relax

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a sales slump. Never take your work home. Rather finish it at the office even if its late.

By taking work home, creates a similar environment as you are used in the day. This is no way to relieve any stress of the day.

Maintain a time for yourself of relaxation in order to clear your head of any issues form that day in order that your new plan for the next day is entered with a positive and relaxed attitude.

Constantly find new ways to relieve stress and relax.


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