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How To Get Pinterest Followers For Your Business

Updated on October 29, 2012

What is Pinterest and How Can You Use it?

Hello dear reader, if you've never heard of it before Pinterest is the newest Social Networking site thats taken the internet by storm. I've never seen a website grow this fast on the internet since Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. And its still growing at a phenomenal rate now which is proving to be very lucrative for a lot of Internet Marketers and general webmasters who want to promote a product or service through the amount of traffic it brings!

What makes Pinterest so different to any other Social Network? Maybe its how simple and fun it is to setup and use. The evolved feel about it and how viral it feels it can be. But more than this, Pinterest creates a place where people can share there favourite images, photos and more on a board by "Pinning" such content material. Think of it as just an image gallery or as your window to world listing all your sites or businesses produces and or services.

Pinterest lets you "pin" images, photos, videos, infographics, instagrams and more to boards you create that other people can "repin", comment on and Like helping you get traffic and exposure for your website or business.

Pinterest seems to be liked and used by many different types and ages of people. From the young and old but most of Pinterests users are currently female. Although it might look and feel like a Social Networking, Photo/Video/Document bookmarking site it can be used either for fun, personal or business use. For organizing events, competitions, hobbies, art, jokes, you name it. And sharing it with freinds, family and the whole world.

Why Use Pinterest to Help Your Business?

Any Internet Marketer, webmaster or hobbyist will tell you, traffic is the backbone of earning from your website or businesses website. So Pinterest should be used as an alternative source of direct traffic to your site or blog. Thus increasing revenue and exposure for you and your business. Pinterest sparks the visual senses more than the appetite for long winded information like articles. So infographics work GREAT here!

Of course, if you are currently harnessing the power of Web 2.0 sites and Social Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc to increase traffic and online presence for your business then Pinterest should be used like any other where by you create a profile, add like minded friends and join similar groups or boards in this case. The process may be different but the principal is the same.

Some businesses or webmasters may find more use from Pinterest than others. For example, artists or website and graphic designers may have lots of pictures they've created or photos they've taken they can pin. But even affiliate marketers with niche websites that have hundreds or thousands of posts with images in them can pin them to their Pinterest board linking back to the site itself. This means you can increase traffic and revenue from the link back as well as gain an SEO benefit also.

Its All About Followers, Likes and Pins!

How to get Pinterest Followers the Manual Way

It appears there is definitely a growing trend for a "Like" button since Facebook first released the ability to like peoples statuses and posts. And the Like button is here to stay with Pinterest. Consequently, for your pins to become popular they will require to get some likes by people. This can happen virally with Pinterest! If you have a unique, interesting image or something. But in order to ween some traffic from your Pinterest accounts to your websites then you will need those Pinterest boards and pins to be getting traffic from other Pinterest users.

You will want to have people "Follow" your pin boards and like, comment on and hopefully repin all your pins to theirs and other Pinterest boards. The more repins you get, the more traffic you are likely to get as other people will be visiting those repins from other boards and clicking through to yours. The same thing happens when people like your pins and can choose to follow your specific pin board or Pinterest account.

Getting followers is definitely the most important thing. I'd say more important than just getting your pins liked. Without followers initially it will be hard to get likes on your pins anyway so you need to concentrate on building up your Pinterest followers. You can do this quite easily though by simply searching for keywords on Pinterest and then finding boards and people in the same niche/market/industry as you. Simply view their boards, like and comment on and repin their pins to your boards and follow them. Most people will follow you back because Pinterest is very responsive like that.

This is a very effective way to get followers for your Pinterest account and boards. It wont take long. You can incorporate it into your day-to-day marketing activities and do a small amount of following, pinning, repining etc a day and you'll start getting followers and receiving traffic to your site. Of course - this can also be outsourced to other people. Simply tell them the job that needs doing and have them repeat it over and over again. The more pinning, commenting and liking thats done, the more followers and likes you're boards will receive in return.

Can Your Business Make Money With Pinterest?

If this is the only question that you are asking yourself about Pinterest then you might want to take a look at some of these real statistics to see whether or not this is a site you want to pass on using in your business's marketing campaign.

According to recorded statistics 50% of Pinterest users have children and only around 20% male but 80% women users. There is around 11 million+ people using Pinterest with a 400% month to month growth rate making it the fastest growing site ever and the 3rd most popular social networking site for hits per week. Facebook is still in the lead however Pinterest is fast catching up with Twitter and has already taken over LinkedIn and Google+ in terms of new users. Pinterest users are 10% more likely to purchase that users from other Social Networks.

The most popular Pinterest interests include Crafts & Gifts. Hobbies & Leisure. Interior Design and Fashion Collections. Typically users spend an average of 1 hour and 17 minutes on the site. A massive 80%+ of most pins are simply "repins" of other peoples pins. Using "Call To Action" requests in pin descriptions gets an 80% increase in activity.

Now you know these interesting statistics how can your business make money on Pinterest? With some little clever marketing tactics it shouldn't be too hard for you. Once you have the followers then you can drive the traffic to your own site where you sell products or services or to a doorway page that has your affiliate links. Kerching!

Pin this.
Pin this.

What Sort of Things Can You Pin?

Images of your products. Photos of your workplace or business. Photos of your city, residents or crib. Images of your culture, religion, local news photos like a journal. Posting your sites post/page images or images of your sites products for sale seems to be the main objective. But Infographics and infomercials are highly rated on Pinterest. They are quick. fun and easy to read. Blog posts and resources like YouTube videos and Instagrams can be pinned along with customer testimonials and reviews of products and services.

Basically - pin everything that you like the best. Pin stuff for a reason because its relevant, befitting and helpful for that board. And for this reason - make sure you've added a Pinterest pin it button to all your websites posts and pages along with a link to your Pinterest profiles the same you would with your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn profiles etc.

10 Reasons Your Business Should Use Pinterest is what I call a social networking and image bookmarking service. Free to use - has attracted much, much attention by many people who see the potential in the site and the traffic it can drive to your personal or business website.

  1. It's the Fastest Growing Social Network EVER!
  2. It offers a quality visual tool for your customers.
  3. Is a great way to offer competitions or contests.
  4. Has great SEO benefits like keywords and #hashtags.
  5. Lets you enhance and build up your product or business brand and logo.
  6. Can pin links back directly to your website.
  7. Lets you pin blog posts, homepages, pictures and even videos.
  8. Nearly all users are ACTIVE and responsive.
  9. It offers your customers a new way to connect to your business.
  10. It integrates with other social networks like Facebook & Twitter.

Get Pinterest Follower Videos

Here's some videos you should watch / listen to all about finding Pinterest followers and what not.

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    • IdealMike profile image

      IdealMike 5 years ago

      Jackson. If you have a nice that people are interested in then you can extend that to Pinterest. Do you have any images/photos on your site? You can add them. Or start a Pinterest board on self help and just pin it with images that link to useful selfhelp resources. Namely your own. Keep interacting on it every day by following like minded people and boards, commenting and liking other peoples similar pins and people will start to reciprocate. It wont happen overnight, but like most things you have to work at it a bit to see results. :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Get guide.. i seriously have problem understand how pinterest would help me in getting traffic to a self improvement site.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Awesome tips to get followers. I'm bookmarking this now!!

    • IdealMike profile image

      IdealMike 5 years ago

      Marcus you're welcome. Yes it appears so according to statistics found on the web. I guess most people might think it was predominated by males firstly such as was the case with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the likes. But of course they leveled out a little over time. One can assume as more awareness grows so will Pinterest. I think this makes sense though as looking at the most popular categories and type of boards on Pinterest most seem to be things like art and crafts, costumes and jewellery but you might still be surprised at just what else you can find as well from A - Z! :)


    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Hey thanks for the Pinterest tips! Also I never knew that 20% of Pinterest users are male but 80% are women users. Guess I need to think about that. Thanks!