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how to get the boss to trust you

Updated on December 15, 2010
by notsogoodphotography
by notsogoodphotography

How to Get the boss to trust you?

Wouldn't you like to get your boss of your back?

to let you work in peace?

here are some suggestions to get the very important trust flowing!

Deliver Results

Deliver, deliver, deliver.

When you start out you are a raw commodity.  You need to show what you are worth and it has to be in deliverables .

You need to provide results and not just good results, measurable, out-standing results.

Here is the kicker.  Find out what the boss cares about.  Dont go working really hard on something that has no value for your boss.

for e.g. some bosses want you to be on time, be there till the end of the day, never miss a meeting, send the reports on times etc.

some others would just happily not see your face as long as the bottom line is healthy.

Find out what is important for your boss, then deliver on that.

deliver more than required!

Be Consistent

Bosses dont trust people who as unpredictable.

You cannot go from sunshine to depths of depression.

You cannot go from over-achieving to non-existent.

be consistent, be predictable.

Be Respectful

Casual is not the way to be in an office environ even on a friday afternoon.

Be respectful.

Only once you have developed a relationship, a bonding and some level of acceptance should be be casual in your tone or words or manner.


Ask if you dont know anything.

Most new hires sometimes do not when to not worry, or guess and just ask or do not do it for the fear of looking like someone who does not know their job.

It will be worse, if you are not able to deliver the results.

In the start, it is better to ask and do it right, than to guess and make a mistake.


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