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How to get TIN for OFWs

Updated on August 1, 2012


For those wondering what an OFW is it means Overseas Filipino Workers meaning people from the Philippines that immigrated to other countries.

Now that is settled let's focus on the issues of Taxpayer Identification Number or TIN for OFWs.

A TIN is a very helpful tool when doing transactions and when the Bureau of Internal Revenue knocks on your door demanding you pay your tax.

How to get a TIN if you are an OFW

If you've worked in the Philippines before, then you probably have a TIN already.

You can use that Taxpayer Identification Number again because you will be issued only one TIN.

Having more than one TIN is criminally punishable under the provisions of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997.

If you are in the Philippines for a vacation, then you can go to any BIR office and fill out a form to get your TIN. Bring your an ID and your birth certificate for faster transaction.

Why you don't need it

If you are an Overseas Filipino Worker, you don't really need a TIN.

The main reason you get a TIN is for tax purposes. If you are working abroad, the Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue has no jurisdiction on your earnings. You pay your tax in the country where you work at.

For those investing in stocks on Philippine companies, you don't need a TIN. You pay your capital gains not in the Philippines. You report your capital gains in the country where you work.

When an OFW needs a TIN

An OFW needs a TIN if he or she is buying a house, land, or vehicle in the Philippines.

Getting a TIN is easy. You go to a BIR office. Tell them that you are an OFW and is buying a property or a vehicle. Bring identification to speed up the process.

That's the only time you need a TIN.

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