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How to Make Money Online (No Surveys, No Ads, No Scams)

Updated on November 13, 2015

Not Another Useless Article About Making Money Online

This is not another article about money online taking surveys or clicking on ads. Also, this is not another article encouraging you to buy products at wholesale and then hope they would sell. These job opportunities are legitimate and free.

1) Online tutoring (NOT just for teachers)

There are many websites that offer you the opportunity to teach/tutor online via Skype, email or chat. You can teach students your mother tongue, math, science or anything you are good at...even give relationship advice! Some of these websites will hire you only if you have a degree in the chosen field, but some leave the judgment of your expertise to your students. You can find the links below.

2) Selling photos on stock photography websites (some accept even mobile phone photos)

Everyone has taken great photos, even by accident. Don't worry that your photos aren't good enough, the truth is, a simple photo of a cat or a woman carrying shopping bags will sell much more often than a photo of a stunning landscape. Just find sharp photos with good light, upload them and you will get paid each time someone buys your photo. And those photos will make you money as long as that website exists, which means you will make money even years after you've uploaded the photos. The more photos you upload, the more money you will make. Links are below.

3) Selling your art online (photos, paintings, digital art...)

There are many online galleries that will sell your art online, and usually they take a commission from every sale. You can sell your paintings, sculptures, hand-made jewelry, photographs etc. Just take a photo of your piece of art, set the price, and wait for the buyers! Links are below.

4) Find work with help of outsourcing websites

Thousands of jobs are posted on these websites daily. Just register, browse the jobs, and bid for the job you want. There are jobs you can do in a couple of hours and there are also full-time jobs. Some of those websites offer free skills tests, so you can prove to the potential employer that you are really an expert in the field, even if you don't have a degree. Links are below.

5) Youtube

You can make videos showing people how to do something you're good at, or just film your pet being silly.


This is a website that allows you to make money designing funny shirts, beautiful pillows, witty bumper stickers and much, much more. You can add text and/or images to your designs and put them up for sale. You can choose how much you will make - anywhere between 10%-90% of the total price of the product. You just design, zazzle will print it and send it to the buyer.

7) iHerb

Okay, this is not completely free, you have to purchase something, doesn't matter how cheap, it can be $0.99 chapstick or a free sample, so you can get your code. When you get your code, share it with your friends and when they use it they will get $5-$10 off their first purchase and you will get a 4% commission. And the best part? When they share their code with their friends, you will again get a commission every time! Here's the link:

Earn extra income online

Some useful links

Online galleries:,,,,

Stock photography websites:,,,,

Tutoring websites:,,,,

Outsourcing websites:,,,

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