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How to Make Money Online With How to Make Money Videos

Updated on November 24, 2013

Give Your Online Business An Unfair Advantage

Give Your Online Business An Unfair Advantage

Are you looking for a really easy way to make money online? Do you know how to make money online?

This lens will outline an easy way to make money with videos. And if you are an affiliate of any program you know the importance of money making videos in your marketing campaigns. There are many ways to make money online but the quickest is surely with videos. If you are not using videos in your marketing efforts you are working in the dark ages. Most every affiliate program today has a video that advertises is product or service. If your affiliate program does not, you can either move to another program or you can easily obtain a generic video from YouTube that can easily be adopted to use in your campaigns.

There are many applicable generic videos that you can download from many programs as they allow you to use them to advertise the product. Many even allow you to add your affiliate link [embed it] and then upload it to YouTube so that every time a visitor views it and buys product, you earn a commission. I call these generic videos "how to make money" videos as they can be adapted for use in any affiliate program. They are good quality, well-produced, short and to the point, and an asset in the sales process of any product. A search of the usual affiliate program promoters will find these generic videos that you can use as your own to promote your own affiliate link. Just search for those that do not have an affiliate link in the video and contact the owner to link up your link with his video. Ask him to allow you to embed your affiliate link in the video in exchange for a small fee.

How To Make Money With YouTube Videos - Proven Method

If you do this several times, one for each affiliate program or targeted niche that you have selected then before long you will have a good representation on your tube in the targeted niche and will start to generate affiliate commissions. through your links.

This is what I call the "how to make money" with how to make money videos method and it works every time. Another suggestion to use this method is to go to Fiverr and get someone to prepare for you some minor adjustments to each video you are using so that when you upload it to YouTube it gets ranked as new content and you in effect double the number of videos carrying your affiliate link. There is no limit to the number of times you can do this with any video so long as changes are made to some aspect of the videos to make them unique. Nor is there any limit to the number of niches that you can target with this method.

That's why this money-making method is uniquely a "money-making video" method because it concentrates on using already existing or prepared videos as your vehicles to carry your affiliate link across cyberspace. Once you set up your system of finding an appropriate video, downloading it, altering some aspect of it to change its uniqueness uploading it back to YouTube you can repeat the process as many times as you like so that you can generate the income you desire. This is truly a step by step method to make money with videos and video-marketing.

Ways to make quick cash online - funny videos

Surely to goodness you have seen the Charlie bit my finger video. That video has had more then 1 BILLION views and has made over $ 500,000 in the past five years. That is the most successful video ever created, and you know what? It was totally spur of the moment and no planning was involved. The father was video taping his two sons playing around as kids do, and happened to catch the moment when the younger one actually bit a finger of the older one and he caught the older child’s reaction on camera. The father uploaded the video to YouTube and five years later one person in six on the planet has viewed that video and put a half million dollars into his pocket! It was featured in Mashable along with other mogul outlets such as NBC, CBS, New York Times and the Huffington Post among others and continues to this day to be a very well viewed video that has gone viral beyond anyone‘s expectations.

Check it out here if you have not yet seen it!

Funny or humorous videos are one of the most viewed types of videos online, and you can make huge amounts of money with these types of videos. Viewers are starving for content that is spontaneous, funny, has a child or animal star and is engaging. If you know of any hilarious situations that you have captured on video, review it with a view to upload it to YouTube.

Here is an example of children doing hilarious stuff!

Easiest way to make money online - uploading videos

The easiest way to make money online repeatedly - that is in a passive manner - is to upload good-quality, good-content material that will attract viewers today and often. Like the Charlie video, opportunities may present themselves when you least expect them. Just be ready. Or, you can plan a video on something that interests you and countless others. Look around at life and see what people are interested in today. What is popular, what is current in terms of topical subject matter, what is on the late night talk shows, what is on the first page of the daily news? You get the hint, just keep your eyes and ears open and you will find dozens of tings to pout into a video that could go viral.

Legit way to make money online

Uploading videos to YouTube is a legitimate way to make money online . You can plan your video uploading exercise by maximizing the chances you will get it to go viral. Good preparation, content rich material, properly selected keywords, and monetized videos will ensure that yours will be not only seen, but sought out by viewers. You can select any one of a number topics to video tape. The best ones currently involve children in funny situations, cute animals doing unexpected things, funny situations, movie trailers, review site videos, training videos that train people to do certain things, and others linking to these major topics.

How much money can Youtube videos make?

There is no easy answer to this question. How much money your uploaded video will make depends on many things including its quality, subject matter, length, keywords used, description tags and other such considerations. There are many training videos out there that can teach you how to make videos properly and in a manner that will attract visitors to it and make it go viral. You can check out any one of these training videos to see how to make yours more attractive and viewable. When you review these suggestions keep in mind that you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Just follow directions and your video will be maximized to make money.

Video marketing - Google favours YouTube Videos

Google favours YouTube videos because it owns YouTube so it will give it a distinct advantage over any other website. You use this information to your advantage and tailor your own videos to be featured on the channel over competitors. In fact, there are many resources out there that can help you put your video together in such a manner that Google will just absolutely love, and therefore favour.

There you have it, a simple and very easy method of making money online with videos you don't even produce yourself or own.

Start using these suggestions and your commission check should start to grow over time.

"Adopt" a video as your own...

YouTube allows you to use any video that does not have an affiliate link to "adopt" it as your own, as long as the owner can be convinced to loan it to you for a small fee!

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