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How to Make Money with eHow

Updated on October 21, 2009

What is is a informational website that is almost 100% contributer-based. This means that nearly all of its thousands if informational articles were written by contributing members of the site. eHow has existed in several forns since the late 1990s; within the last few years eHow opened its doors to allow users to contribute articles and get paid for their work.

How Can I Earn Money at eHow?

eHow pays its members through its own "Writer's Compensation Program."  Members register for the program using their PayPal email address. 

The actual formula that eHow uses to determine a writer's earnings is a secret.  According to their FAQ, eHow pays based on a number of criteria, including number of page views, popularity of a particular article, and ads displayed on the article pages.

Writers can control their eHow income in that they can write about topics that are in demand.  Skilled writing is a must.

How Much Money Can I Earn at eHow?

eHow has thousands of writers.  Some of those writers earn absolutely nothing.  Some people who write for eHow earn over $1,000 per month with their articles.   Most who have between 200 and 300 well-written articles at eHow, who have written articles in topics that are in demand generally earn between $200 and $400 per month in passive residual income from eHow.

How Can I Write For eHow?

Just go to, register, and start writing!   

You can boost your income potential by visiting the blogs of other eHow writers, and by purchasing ebooks written by those who are earning in excess of $1,000 per month.


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