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How To Make Quick Money With Adsense

Updated on December 16, 2012

How to make quick money with Google's AdSense Program, is it possible to make money with adsense?. Well yes it is, if you know how to do it. To put it in a nut shell you get paid a percentage from advertisers every time someone clicks on those Google ads that you place on your site, or in some cases if you join a social network site such as Blogger, Hub-pages, or Squidoo they will automatically put up the adsense for you.

As you can see I am using Hub-pages and in this case these ads have already been placed on this site for me , if you notice above this paragraph, you will see Hub-pages has placed ads on this site for me. No need to be a web master or know html coding to use hub-pages this is the best part i like because i ain't no computer geek. Now that has to be quickest and easiest way to start making money online without hurting your pockets, plus you get to write about anything and everything till your little hearts content. Just keep pumping out the hubs and in no time you will see the results of your efforts.

Other Sites

There are other free platforms that offer the same incentive as hub-pages such as Info barrels, E-how, Go-articles and many others, but for me personally i like Hubs for the fact that they offer the best online tools that are easy to use even for a complete beginner. And as far as ranking in the serps goes Hubs are right up there. I am also hoping to reach that golden figure of 100 hubs as with a few others on here i suspect.

Owning a Website

If you are fortunate enough to own your own website you can gain the full benefit of taking 80 to 90% of the revenue that advertisers pay Google, that is surely better than 50 or 60% if you don't own a website and you choose to use other platforms, at the moment i do have a website that i am building from scratch, it's still in the early stages but i am hoping that one day i can have it online soon and have the assurance that i will earn the full price from advertisers. But at the moment a am quite content just pulling out some hubs to make some quick cash, even if it may only be enough to pay for hosting of my new site, so be it.

Quick Cash

The thing with Hub-pages is that they offer free online tools, free hosting, steady traffic (some days) and the fact that Hubs are a already established website that Google well knows, so my chances of gaining a little more traffic from hubs and other sites, as opposed to starting a fresh site is greatly increased, so i guess to sum this up if you want to make some quick cash and earn a passive income online without any money down ! especially for the complete beginner, then Hubs is the way to go.

Keyword Research

I must mention that in order to see quicker results good keyword research must be included, This is the art of finding what keywords users are looking for on a daily basis. Lets say there are a lot of searches for the phrase “solar energy” I know this maybe a far cry from writing about something you are passionate about, but if you are in this to make money than this is the way to go. OK back to solar energy, if there are enough searches for this phrase to justify a profit then write a Hub , Blog, Infobarrel on the subject and include the keywords in your title say “ how to make a solar oven” or “what is a wind driven solar wind mill” to help you find keywords with potential check out Google's Adword Tool to get some ideas and work from there. Keyword research is a big subject and can't be covered in this article but if you do some research online you will know what I mean and why it will make you money that much quicker.

Making Money With Adsense


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