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Aritcle Writing - How to make your article interesting

Updated on December 26, 2013

How to make your articles interesting to read

An interesting article is more likely to get more readership. Here are some few useful tips on how you can make your articles interesting to read.

First of all, always try and write on a topic that relates to the situations of others or specific contents that relate to your target readers. When an article relates to the life and experiences of people, they are more likely to be interesting to your target readers . Interesting articles also generate lots of discussions as readers comment on your articles and share their personal experiences. The more people comment, the more readers you get and the more likely people will share with other potential readers. Here are some few useful strategies you could use to make your articles interesting:

Write on news worthy topics. When you do analysis on topics that have made news or about something that people know or something that has become a popular discussion among the people you will be able to increase readership for your content. You can read more major newspapers to find out more topics and what is making the headlines as well as hot discussions of the period. You can also tell what lots of people are discussing by listening to talk shows and the news on major news networks. Pick ideas from these areas and write your own version or point of view to the issue. Put the discussion in a format that your target readers would love as well. You will gain more advantage if the topics that you choose relate more to your topic of interest.

Write on seasonal topics. Try to keep in mind the various seasons and occasion celebrations or festivities of the year. People read more about Christmas during the Christmas season, Thanksgiving related articles get more readership during the Thanksgiving period, the same way vals day related topics gets more readership during the valentine’s day period. This is because during the period or occasion, most people are thinking, chatting and making preparations to celebrate. They therefore search for search for contents to help them plan towards the occasion as well as to find out other people's views on coming events for the season. You can have a more advantage if the topic you select relates to your topic of interest.

How to write occasion topics

Attach interesting photos to your contents. Also increase the viewership to your articles by attaching catchy and interesting photos that relates to your topic. When you have interesting photos attached to your content, you are more likely to increase readership for your article as most people's attention is attracted to the title by the thumbnail that appears with the content in the search engine results. Most readers would click the link with a more interesting thumbnail (and that relates to their search) to read. Your published content will also be linked to other related articles on the directory. After a reading a current article, a reader wanting to read more about the topic, is more likely to click on the article that appears on the related article section with an attractive thumbnail.

Attaching interesting photos to your content

You should also choose very interesting titles for your articles in order to get more readership. Try to explore the topic intensively. When you are able to explore the topic very well, you'll be able to come up with very interesting and unique titles that are catchy enough to attract viewership or readership to your content. In exploring your topic, you can also read and study other articles that have been written on the topic. Study their titles especially the ones that are more likely to catch the attention of many readers You can get ideas from these to create your own title for your content.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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