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How to Pay Back Taxes to the IRS?

Updated on December 3, 2014

Pay Back Taxes to the IRS

How to Pay Back Taxes to the IRS

People who need to pay back taxes comprise 19% of the total population of the United States. Oftentimes, these people were unaware they were not paying enough to the federal government because their employers failed to withhold enough money from their paychecks. IRS agents are generally understandable of financial hardships so long as an effort is being made to pay back the debt. The process of paying the IRS is quite easy as it can be done via the internet or mail.

Back Taxes to the IRS

Do you owe back taxes? If so, consider yourself part of 19% of Americans who owe back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If you are like most of these people, your back taxes are owed because your employer did not withhold enough from your paycheck. Then, when you go to file taxes, you are not aware of the extra money owed. Of course, some people owe back taxes because they intentionally do not claim as much as they should, or do not pay as much as they should. That is where it gets illegal, and could easily get you in trouble.

But, no matter what reason there may be, paying back taxes is not the most difficult thing in the world. In fact, paying back taxes is easier than most people think. In this article, I will talk about how to pay back taxes to the IRS and options you have to get rid of this financial burden.


How to Pay Back Taxes to the IRS: The IRS and You

As you know, any person who earns money in the United States owes taxes to the IRS. We may not want to pay them, and may think they are too high, but in reality our taxes pay for valuable services that we all use. This is the main reason why paying taxes is important (and I agree, it is highly annoying). How much you owe during a year is dependent on several factors, such as yearly income, deductions, marital status, children, tax credits, etc. Keeping track of this amount is important because underestimating how much you will owe will almost always result in back taxes for you.

The IRS is thought of as an evil corporation that tortures Americans, but in reality, they are pretty fair and understanding most of the time. Agents who work at the IRS are American taxpayers too, and understand how people can get behind on taxes - especially in a tough economic environment. That is why paying back taxes to the IRS is easier than you think.


How to Pay Back Taxes to the IRS: Options

Should you find yourself in this hole, I highly recommend getting a lawyer on your side. While it is not necessary if you just want to go ahead and pay back the taxes you owe, a lawyer is needed if you want to file a formal appeal or contest the IRS in court. This is done if you can prove that you owe less than the IRS says you do - which would eliminate your back taxes.

If you want to pay back your taxes but cannot because of financial hardship, you can talk with the IRS and work out a payment plan. It will charge interest, but many times people can negotiate lower payments and a lesser total amount if they just are willing to talk with the IRS and work with them. The IRS prefers to get as much tax money as they can ,even if it is less than what is really owed. I recommend getting a lawyer for these negotiations, though, or at least a tax professional who can intercede with the IRS on your behalf.

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