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How to plan your day? Essential for success!

Updated on November 8, 2013

‘If you don't think every day is a good day, just try missing one.’- Cavett Robert

Twenty four hours is gifted to you by god to plan your life. Your success in life depends on how you plan your day effectively.

Is your day all work and no rest?

What are the repercussions of being overworked?

  • You feel completely depleted of energy
  • You find it difficult to be work efficient.
  • You do not have time for your family.

Do you idle away your time?

What are the repercussions of being unprepared?

  • You cannot be successful.
  • You do not have time to be work efficient.

You should plan your day in such a way that you have time for your family and at the same time you are at your peak to cope up with the work load without being famished.

1. Start your day early.

When you practice rising early in the morning, you have some enjoyable time for yourself. Have you ever experienced the calm of early morning? The tranquility can be visibly felt by you. An early morning cup of steaming tea is an enjoyable treat you deserve. It revitalizes you and you find yourself raring to meet the day with vigor.

2. Condition your body and mind with exercises.

A healthy body is the gateway to success. A daily routine of twenty minutes of work up is a must. When you exercise regularly, your body becomes agile, flexible and alert, all essential ingredients to be effective in your work.

3. A healthy and cheerful breakfast.

In most families morning is always tension filled. Heated arguments crop up as nerves creep up as you hectically prepare yourself for your daily duty. You should have a healthy and cheerful breakfast time with your family. When you argue and squabble with your family it affects your mental steadiness in your work place.

4. Early start to work

Being punctual in work place is an essential ingredient to mark you as sincere and dedicated. You should make allowance for the traffic jam and the late arrival of transportation. When you arrive on time for work, it creates a good impression about you in the minds of the management and elevates you to great heights of success.

5. Sort out your work

The first thing you should do is to tidy your cubicle as a good and neat working situation make you more productive. Take a paper and write the work to be done for the day. Numbering the work according to its priority will definitely help you to complete your work without any back log.

6. Cordial relationship with your colleagues

How will you feel when you cannot get along with your colleagues? You will hate your work, won’t you? An amiable atmosphere eases your mind and makes you relaxed. You should be helpful to your colleagues, but be careful not to be loaded with unwanted work your friends thrust on you. Learn to say a firm ‘no’ to such unnecessary work burden as it will affect your own work.

7. No too many breaks

When you take too many breaks in between your work it will eat away your valuable time. You should work at a steady pace and you will be amazed by the way you finish your work in time.

8. Check the work done.

If you have any doubt, do not be reluctant to ask your colleagues. Never leave work undone as it will mess up your day and make you worried about the backlash from your higher authority. If on the other hand you finish off your work, you are immensely satisfied with your day’s work.

9. Dust off your work tension at the doorstep.

Though you might have had a tense day in your work, do not take your anxiety home. Your work tension should be left in the work place itself and you must eagerly look forward to spend quality time with your family.

10. Quality time with your family

Do not recline before the idiot box to spent silent moments before it. Talk with your children about their day in school and to your spouse about the day in office. Share some office jokes and be humorous. Humor is priceless in eliminating stress and brings in joy. Retire to bed with a thank you message to god and sleep peacefully to face yet another day of commendable work.

What is this big deal about planning a day?

Can’t I just live through it?

‘The beginning is always today’- Mary Shelley

Do you know your success is a step by step procedure?

Each and every step you take is crucial for success in your life. When you plan your day, it leads to fulfilled productiveness from you and you are just a few steps away from success. It is your today which leads to a great tomorrow.

© 2011 mathira


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