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How to post on Craigslist without being Ghosted or Flagged?

Updated on April 19, 2013

All About Craigslist.

The birth of craigslist was not just a coincidence but from a delightful idea of giving people a space to advertise their household things may be his/her toaster, PC, Television, PlayStation e.t.c for sell without any cost.

This idea became very very popular in USA, CANADA mostly, and then the became one of the most vital advertising site online.

The founder Craig Newmark though about the idea of connecting people locally or internationally through Internet. As the site founded in 1995 though it was very limited that time, but in 1996 the site got an web interface as Newmark registered the for the site. The demand of people was rising and that made the website more and more rich. At the starting point there was no moderation and anyone could post his/her ads their. The rapid growth of public demand there were different categories developing day by day. Till 1998 it was still a hobby for him, but around 2000 he realized that the site is growing too fast and it needs much more attention so he stopped working as a Software Engineer and initiated working full-time on Craigslist. He added 9 employee to work with him as he opened office at his apartment.

And Now Craigslist have almost 700 cities and 70 countries pages for advertising. But job posting on New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Seattle, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, Orange County (California) and Portland, Oregon page requires $25/posting, $75 per ad for the San Francisco Bay Area and paid broker apartment listings in New York City ($10/ad). But other posting are free of charge. Its a great opportunity for anyone to get his/her things sold or rent, as this site has 20 billion views per month!!

In the world it 37th number website, and 10th in the USA with 49.4 million Unique views per month in USA along. That made its one of the best place for advertising online so many business holders are now interested to advertise here and get the maximum profit from online. The demand is increasing day by day and Competition is also increasing too, many people try to post anyway on craigslist. But Craigslist has a very good and well defined moderation system to prevent spam posting. They make those posting ghosted or flagged if they suspect any thing violating their terms and conditions. That also made them one og the best secure place too.

Procedure to post on Craigslist.

Now I am going to discuss about the procedure. Many people think they can just post as much as they like and post as they wish. But most of them get flagged or Ghosted. Because Craigslist has a very strong moderation board at-least for the USA cities. They monitor all the illegal posting and IP addresses and some time they block those are very suspicious. That's why its necessary to step forward carefully.

The real or Basic procedure which you can apply is follow the steps below:

1: Create a Craigslist account and verify the email address.

2: Then use a USA phone number to Verify your account. this is simply a verification code send to that telephone Number and that code has to be used for the verification purpose on

3: If you get the verification done right then you can post ads on but you have some limitation too, you can't post more than 3 ads in a day.

4: If you violate the rules then your account may get suspended, so be careful.

5: But if you need to post many ads then you will need to get more verified craigslist accounts using USA phone number. Then you can post 3n amount of posting, where n=verified craigslist accounts(n*3=postings).

Other wise if you try to post using different IP you may post 50-60 ads/per day but you may get 2-3 ads live.

If you post using verified accounts then you every ads will be live and never Ghosted or deleted. So i recommend that you follow those steps otherwise you will do all work for nothing in return. You can use the phone number of your Relatives or Friends in USA or you can use some kind of VPN system to access USA phone numbers. Otherwise i would say don't do it.


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