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How to Prepare for the Colorado PLACE Exam

Updated on January 18, 2012
The Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators (PLACE) is used by the state of Colorado for certification of public-school teachers. Testing agency Pearson has a number of resources to help teachers prepare for their PLACE exams.

To get a general orientation, go to the Pearson "PLACE Study Guides" page on the Colorado teacher licensing website. You can see a link to that page in the Resources section below.

Click on the link for "General Information About the PLACE and Test Preparation." In this section of the site, you will learn about the history of the PLACE test in Colorado education, what happens on test day, how you get your PLACE scores, the exam format and instructions, general test-taking tips, and other general information.

After you are familiar with how the PLACE exam works and general strategies for doing well, you can move on to your subject area. Note that, while there is a PLACE Basic Skills test, this is not required for Colorado teacher certification. But many individual subjects do required you to take a test. To see which school subjects require a passing score on the PLACE test, view the page with the study guides. You will see 39 different subjects there.

Click on the subject for the Colorado teacher test that you have to take. It opens up a study guide. Unfortunately, there is no specific PLACE exam reference list to study for these exams. You are going to have to hunt down the textbooks used to teach those subjects. Presumably, you have taken classes in that subject. But if you have not, it is still possible to purchase college textbooks for that subject and do your own PLACE test preparation.

Use the exam content outline in the study guide (the test objectives) to help you purchase appropriate textbooks and to direct your studies to the relevant topics. Go through it line by line to make sure you have covered all the major topics for your PLACE subject exam.

There are also some PLACE practice questions in each study guide. Wait until you think you are ready to pass the test to answer these, as there are not very many. If you have some problems, then you know you need to go back and brush up on the content areas before taking your PLACE exam.


Pearson Education: PLACE Exam Study Guides Main Page

Pearson Education: General Information About the PLACE and Test Preparation Close


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