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Craft Business Promotion Tips And Ideas

Updated on July 25, 2015
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Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Creative Ideas For Promoting Your Craft Business

If you are a crafter who has gone into business online or off line.the most the most important thing beyond creating your product is to market your product creatively. Let's face it, if you are not getting the message out there, then no one will. This is especially important if you sell on Ebay, Etsey, your own website, or any other maketing platform.

Creating a goal oriented promotion plan as part of your business plan will increase your income level in proportions to your efforts. The best part of setting up your promotion plan is that it does not have to cost you thousands of dollars. Most of it you can do right on the printer of your computer

Business Cards For Craft Business - Everyone Needs To Have Them

If you have gotten beyond the hobby stage and are serious about your business, then you really need to have business cards. You can print them easily and reasonably from your computer. Having these cards with you at all times is a necessity. If you do any shows then it is important to have cards available for future sales. Print simple ones to start, but have them available.

You should include your name, a contact number, and your website, Etsy or Ebay store address. If you have space include your email address, and your business name.

Always have business cards on in your purse wherever you go, you never know when and where you will need one

Sign Your Work

Every Piece Should Have your Name On It !

Every piece of work that you create should have your name on it. That could be in the form of a stamp, or a label on the packaging. It should state your name, a contact number or a website location. Be creative with your labeling. If you are making cards, you can stamp the back of the card. If you can stamp an item, make sure that the stamp is not visible.

Labels make it easy ! You may want to make them yourself or have them made. Labels are nice, because they can be removed and you don't have to worry about ink smears.

In the case of smaller items, you might want to use a tag that can be removed

Add some nice wording like..."created especially for you by" or handmade for you by"

Make sure that every piece has your name on it, but remember not to include the price on the item.

Market Plan For Your Craft Business Or Not?

Do you have a marketing plan for your craft business?

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Create A Digital Signature

And Use It Wherever You Are On The Internet

If you are active on any forums, webpages, Facebook or send any business communication, it's important to create a digital signature. Your signature should include minimally your name and your business web location. Remember to follow forum guidelines. Different forums have different rules on how and when you can use digital signatures

Print an event schedule for your business ! Have a schedule for show or fairs that you are going to do, classes, online sales ,ect. Make sure to list all your contact information and your websites, blogs, Etsy and Ebay store listings

Create A Face Book Page

Free Advertising Never Hurts !

Facebook is an important tool if you have a craft business. It doesn't matter if you do shows or have an online craft business, it's one tool that you can't afford to do without. Creating a Facebook page is easy and free. You can promote new products, advise people where you are going to be, share tutorials, give advice and so much more. If you haven't started using Facebook for your craft business, it's time to get started

* Share pictures of your projects

* Share how to videos

* Provide gift ideas

* Talk about shows you are participating in

* Show pictures where you have displayed your crafts

Create A Pintrest Account

Another free marketing tool for craft businesses

Pintrest is like a bulletin board. You actually are posting your images to the bulletin board with your business name. These are pictures of your work that not only will get traffic but will be pinned to others by those who enjoy your projects. So your reach throughout the internet can be unlimited ! Pintrest is becoming one of the biggest promotion tools on the internet. You need to join and start setting up your boards. You can also get inspiration from all of the ideas from fellow crafters

Create A Blog-Make A Profit

There are so many free blogs for you to create that it seems that more crafters would be promoting themselves through blogging. Blogging is not difficult, but is time consuming, so you need to set some time aside in your schedule to add some information. What can you blog about? New products that you have made, any awards that you have won, new craft fairs and shows that you are participating in and ,links to your website, online store and more

Teach A Class

Though you may not see results right away from teaching a class, the long term results in contacts and free advertising is huge. First you can have a class of potential customers who will spread the word about what you have to offer. You can give each participant a little goodie bag with a small gift, your business card, a printed calendar of the events that you will be participating in and a piece of candy or two. You can do a demonstration of your craft or teach a class it's up to you. This is especially helpful if you are a consultant for a craft supply company such as scrapbooking or stamping supplies.

Create or purchase a guest book. Have people sign your guest book with their name and email. You will be creating a mailing list with no effort.

A free drawing for your one of your crafts will draw even more responses. Make up entry forms and display the prize. Have a bowl or a basket to place the entries into

List In Craft Directories

Have you ever heard of craft directories? Well they are a terrific free way to promote your craft products, blogs, websites and online craft stores. Listing your sites will get you more traffic to your online locations which hopefully translate to more sales. Check out some of these directories and get started. Looking through these directories may also get your creative juices flowing

How Do You Promote Your Craft Business? - We'd Love To Hear Your Ideas

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