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How to Sell on eBay with an iPhone

Updated on July 24, 2015
selling on ebay
selling on ebay

It's Easy to List Items on eBay

Ever since my kids were little I've been selling things on eBay. As soon as they would outgrow their clothes, onto eBay they went unless of course they were too dirty or ripped up. When I did that, I could spend more on their fashions because I would make back almost as much as I bought the items for in the first place. I didn't have a lot of money but my kids were always dressed nicely without spending a fortune. I would also sell their toys once they were done being played with and then I could use the money to buy new toys.

Today, selling things on eBay has become as simple as pie. You can do it all from the palm of your hand or at the comfort of your desk. I'll show you how to list an item right from your iPhone so that you can get started right away.

Time required: 20 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Cost: eBay fees


  • Items to sell


  • iPhone
  • Camera
  • Computer
  • eBay account
  • Paypal Account or debit card

Start by Taking Pictures


1. The first thing that you need to do is to take pictures of the item that you want to sell. Make sure your pictures aren't blurry and show everything that comes with it. Take the picture in a nice bright place so that your picture really stands out.

Once you have taken your picture, crop it to make sure that people can see what it is when they are looking through the thumbnail pics on eBay.

I usually start by taking pictures of all the things I'm planning on selling and then getting them ready to upload right away. That way, I don't have to stop between each thing to take more pictures. If I have a lot to sell, I will take pics one day and then list everything the next day.

2. Once your pictures are ready, it's time to head to eBay. Open up your account. Along the bottom, there are options to choose from. Press the Sell button. It will open up a screen that says List an Item. Go through each button and fill in what you need to.

The first and one of the most important ones is the title. You want people to be able to find your item instead of everyone else's.

3. As you work through each step, it will check off when you are finished.

Title - This is very important. Make sure people can find your item. Use descriptive words.

Category - Make sure that you find the category that your item fits in the best. You can add additional categories for an extra fee.

Condition - If it's New, list it as new. If it's been used even a little bit, it's used but you can say, Like New

Item Specifics - I don't use these very often because they don't usually match what my item is but I always go through them and put in what I can.

4. Next you need to pick a price for your item. EBay has a feature that I really like. It will tell you what other people are listing the item at. If you know what price you want, go for it. If you aren't sure, look around a little bit first and see for yourself what people are getting for the same item.

You'll also have to put in shipping fees. Some people like to use free shipping but that's not for me. Shipping is expensive and I don't want put an item really high just so the shipping fee gets included. Be aware that the shipping you charge is included in your ending value and you pay a percentage on the shipping and what the auction ended at.

Once all the options are filled in, hit the List Item button and your item is now up for auction! Sit back and wait for it to end!

A Few More Things About Pricing....

A lot of people will do a basic search for an item go off of the price that other people are listing something at but that doesn't always tell the whole story.

You need to watch the shipping costs. Some items might be listed as more but the shipping is included in the price. You'll see "Free Shipping" in their auction. I'm finding that for some things, people are more likely to buy something if they don't have to sit there and figure out what the shipping will be and what the item will cost with the shipping added on. The Buy It Now option with free shipping is appealing to a lot of people. Just make sure that you account for the shipping if you use this method! I've given a few items away by not charging enough for shipping costs.

Instead of looking at what the items are listed for, make sure you check what similar items have recently SOLD for. You can do that by going to Search - Refine - Show more - Completed Items - Done.

Do you sell on eBay? If not, why not?

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    • KenDeanAgudo profile image

      Kenneth C Agudo 

      4 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      What a useful hub, I never tried to sell products on eBay since we have a local selling site too. Anyway, here on hubpages, I never had sales on may eBay capsules.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      You have made this look very easy. It's inspired me to start looking around for "like new" items around my house that I could sell. Thanks for the inspiration.


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