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Where to Sell Your Plants Online

Updated on September 13, 2014

The Best Place to Sell Your Plants Online

Whether your a hobby gardener or own a backyard nursery, your can turn your extra plants into profits buy selling your plants online. There are several sites available to help gardeners sell their plants online whether in small quantities or mass shipments.

There are a few stipulation with selling plants online just like there are selling plants out of a commercial business or your own backyard. When selling plants online you must follow agricultural regulations for your state as well as the state your are shipping to. Most states will accept plants and seeds from other states as long as they include a plant permit number from the state in which they were shipped. Some states such as California are much more strict on importing and exporting plants across state lines. This type of information can easily be found online at their agricultural extension sites.

Looking for more information on selling your plants online? Check out How to Sell Your Plants Online for more information on how to package, ship, advertise your plants online along with other helpful tips to get you of to the right start.

Sell Your Plants Online Using eBay

eBay has grown thousands of hobby and commercial growers on their site. With hundreds of thousands of plants, seeds, cuttings and gardening supplies, eBay is a great source to sell your plants online. eBay charges a small fee, usually around $0.35 cent to list the item and then a small percentage around 3% when the item sells. These costs are usually factored into the plant when listed.

eBay allows you to post the plants as an auction style listing allowing bidders to increase the price or you can list it as a 'Buy It Now' and sell it for a set price. eBay can be very lucrative for selling plants online if you have plenty to list or rare varieties.

Example of Plants Being Sold on eBay

This is how your plants will be listed on eBay. Each plant will include photos that you add along with the price, shipping prices and details you would like to include about the plant.

Etsy is Also a Great Source for Selling Plants Online

You can sell your plants online using Etsy. Etsy was created to sell handmade, home grown, homemade items and other things not considered part of the average retail world. Plants have only recently, with in the last few years, became extremely popular on Etsy.

Etsy allows you to sell your items at a set price and charges a minimal fee for listings monthly. Etsy also has the ability to become lucrative if listing several items.

Sell Your Plants Online With Amazon

Amazon, an Internet Retail Giant, allows you to sell your items on their site. Amazon showcases hundreds of thousands of items from home décor, books, apparel, toys, plants and anything else you can dream of. Amazon charges a small fee like the rest of the listing sites and allows you to showcase your items to millions of visitors daily!

Another great thing about Amazon is that aside from their massive amounts of visitors directly from their site, they also offer many affiliate programs along with modules and widgets that will allow publishers of other websites to market your items on their site linking directly back to Amazon. What does this really mean? More exposure which equals more sales!

Examples of Plants Sold On Amazon

Here are some plants that growers are currently selling on Amazon. When customers see the items they can click on the item and get the rest of the information and purchase it directly.

Sell Plants Online Creating Your Own Website

If you don't want to team up with the bigger online giants you can always create your own website. You can have your website built by local website producers or choose from one of many online.

Websites can be a big investment starting out and should be considered only if you have enough stock to know you will do really well. You will also need the ability to market your website fully to insure it makes it to the first few pages of the search engines. Another reason it pays to start out with another site that already has hundreds of thousands of visitors daily... it's that much less work you have to do starting out.

How to Operate a Backyard Nursery

Growing Profits: How to Start & Operate a Backyard Nursery is an in-depth guide that will help your learn the ropes of starting a backyard nursery. Whether full time or part time, this book has what it takes to succeed in selling plants from your home.

Do You Sell Plants Online?

Do You Sell Your Plants Online?

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How to Produce Enough Plants to Sell

One of the keys to having a profitable plant business is to be able to meet the demands of customers. You will need to know how to reproduce your best selling plants quickly while still maintaining a high quality standard that customers can appreciate. Plant propagation varies depending on the plant species and variety. Before attempting to propagate your plant be sure you know how to do it right!

Do you or have you sold plants online? Tell us what worked for you.

What is the Best Place to Sell Plants Online?

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Looking For More Information for Selling Your Plants Online?

Tips for selling your plants online. Learn how and when to sell your plants, what kinds of plants to sell, how to ship your plants, how to accept online payments and more with the guide, How to Sell Your Plants Online .

What are your thoughts on selling plants online?

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I guess I expected something other than the obvious 3 venues for sellers.

      It's hard with all the fees (listing & commission & only an inadequate shipping allowance) on the biggest venue to make a dime, after all the fees on a $9.99 plant the seller get $6.29 then has to wait 2 weeks to get paid.

    • mayraborcea profile image


      6 years ago

      I love the idea of selling plants online, but, can it really be profitable?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I have been selling plants on ebay since 2000 and they are becoming very difficult and expensive for a seasonal seller. Looking for a new venue to sell from.

    • Flowerchild1946 profile image

      Carol Brooks 

      6 years ago from Florida

      We have tried Craig's List to sell crotons and papaya trees, ,but without much luck.


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