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Guidelines on how to start a cleaning business in Connecticut

Updated on April 24, 2017

After forming your cleaning business structure for starting a cleaning business in Connecticut, the next thing to do is to decide on a business name.The name of your cleaning business should be unique and appealing enough to be remembered by people. Should you want to protect your business name, you can file for a trademark. You can then proceed by applying a business license with your business name on it.

Another procedure is to apply for tax registration. The most common types of tax are the sales and use tax, withholding tax and business entity tax. Additional tax requirements may also be needed depending on the nature of the business. Unlike other states, Connecticut strictly implements the compliance of insurance requirements. Examples include workers’ compensation insurance and unemployment insurance.

What you need to know on starting a cleaning business in Connecticut

As with any business like starting a cleaning business, the first stages in business planning is the most crucial, thus, it has to be done properly. The following are important suggestions to be able to start your cleaning business as smoothly as possible.

  • Know what type of cleaning business you want to start. There are 3 types of cleaning businesses that you can choose from: domestic, commercial and specialized.
  • Once you choose the type of cleaning business that you want to start, start conducting research if it fits your potential market and local demographic. Assess the economic status of people living in the specific area where you wish to start your cleaning business. Will they be able to pay for cleaning services? For commercial cleaning, are there enough establishments to gain some contracts?
  • Take into consideration the type of business model you want for your cleaning business. Franchising is possible in this type of industry. It somehow eases your worries knowing that the business you’re taking is a little established. However, if you wish to start a new cleaning business of your own, then you can do so.
  • Create an effective marketing plan and a unique brand for your cleaning business. Your marketing strategy and the reputation of your cleaning business will play a great role in its success or failure.

What you need to start a cleaning business

Whether its manpower, equipment and materials, there are many things that you have to prepare before you can operate a cleaning business. For one, you need a small team of employees to carry out cleaning services. As you are still starting off, you can hire a few employees to help you out. While cleaning is an easy task, you have to bear in mind that your employees must be well-informed and trained to carry out this seemingly simply task. It is best to invest in training and seminars for your employees. Different cleaning chemicals and equipment are used these days, an up-to-date knowledge on these things are very essential.

The essentials on a cleaning business are manpower, cleaning products, tools and cleaning equipments. Most cleaning companies have their own materials for cleaning, it is expected that when you enter this type of industry, you won't only provide the service but as well as the tools. Safe cleaning chemicals are also essential. While you may want to operate online, it is still best to have a physical office.


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