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How to Survive Being Down Sized Three Times in a One Year Period

Updated on October 29, 2017

Things in my life seam to go in sets of three.

I was hoping that changing jobs would not be one of them. But it looks like it was just waiting around the corner. Some jobs are contract and others are seasonal. Others are full time though theses seam to be less then they used to be. For me as of late the seasonal jobs were the high point. OK so the last seven years to be exact. In the good news I was one of those that they kept on for the entire year. In the not so good news I was never sure of this until almost the last day. No stress for me or the wire.

But there were always alternatives with the company I was with. There were other programs and other needs that I could be filling. Some I miss and others I don't. But there was always something new just waiting to for discovery. Read on and you will see what I discovered and what I am missing as these positions have been reallocated.

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I will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

I realize that this is more of a love song. Or in this case the follow up to a love song that didn't go over well. And when it comes to working I will survive. Providing for my family I will survive.

Paper Bear
Paper Bear

Job # 1

The first job was with the company I was with for over 11 years. It was much longer than that. But it all depended on who you talked to. Any way they had moved me from one program to another to help it get off the ground. This new program lasted for three mouths. On the last day I sat there for eight hours with no phone calls.

In the good news I new the manger of another program that would be starting about a week later. He was happy that I came knocking at his door as I had been on his program before. So I was only looking at two weeks of unemployment.

I had the option to apply or not for unemployment insurance. At the time even one week could help out the family. So I did apply and got the family one week of unemployment. I was then back to work.

2 Paper Dolls
2 Paper Dolls

Job # 2

The first thing I did was to let the state know that I was working again. So no unemployment checks claimed any time soon.

The next step was to go through training, again. Though I could have taught the class. OK so could most of the people that had to sit there for eight hours a day. I was able to get back on the phones and help those that needed it.

When the seasonal job started up I became part of the Tier 2 team. Those are the folks that help out the people on the phones. The ones that are helping the customers when they call in.

At the end of the season - four mouths later I was not kept on over the summer as there was another position I had looked into but not heard back from. (And never did hear back.)

I was once again unemployed. So I went online to register. Low and behold there was still time left with my prior registration. So I did not have a waiting week. And to make things even more interesting the time ran out just as I was starting my next job. I was able to register the prior week on Sunday. Start work on Tuesday. Monday was a holiday.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do - Neil Sedaka

So you're let go from your job and what comes into your head. That's right a nice relaxing tune. And yes I had this tune in my head as I was leaving one of my jobs. The folks around me were laughing as I was singing and dancing out the door.

If one in every three people loose their job every year...

Then there are two people out there that owe me a thank you note.

Paper Cut Outs
Paper Cut Outs

Job # 3

A coworker that was also down sized with me also worked on this program at the same time.

Yes its the ever popular third times the charm. This was a contract position that's supposed to go for a long time. Some things were strange. Like I could wear jeans and tee shirts to work. That was new. Even when I was doing janitorial work back in the 90's that was not happening. I had a window seat. Day or night I could see the outside world.

This was another help desk that I was working on but through another company. The folks were nice and worked together to help out our customers. Even if it meant taking over a phone call when they asked for you.

But the day came when the job was over. I am wondering if it could not have been one week longer so that this would only be two instead of three. But then again this may not have come about if it had. Either way you look at it those I worked with were great. And having continued to work with me to help find another position elsewhere. That is not something you see everyday either. Few former employers will continue to help you look for other jobs. Thanks guys.

Please say I am not the only one - Let me know if this has happened to you as well

How many times in a single year have you been downsized?

See results

I Love to Laugh - Marry Poppins

One thing I know and that its better to smile then to frown. First you use less muscles to smile. Second by you being happy those around you are also happy. If you are frowning and sad so are they. And yes world I have done this a couple of times just to see the reactions of those around me.

There is one thing you have to do while unemployed and that is to stay happy - And here are a little something on Amazon to help you do so.

There were a few things actually here but I checked the current price. And if your are unemployed they had gotten a bit pricey.

Mary Poppins: 50th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)
Mary Poppins: 50th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)

For those of you that love to laugh here is the movie that the song comes from.


As a final note remember to thank those around you for helping you through these times. I know my wife is always there for me. For richer or poorer was part of those vows. I just wish I didn't have to take her through the poorer side so often.

Don't consider it your job to leave a comment - See it more as a way to voluntere your time.

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    • Dressage Husband profile image

      Stephen J Parkin 3 years ago from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada

      This was interesting as more and more people are loosing their jobs as companies try to adapt to the modern world.