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how to throw a birthday party for your boss

Updated on December 16, 2010

How do you throw a birthday party for your boss?

Should you spend too much?  Should you even throw one? Should you involve the entire work team?  What about her family and her friends?

This hub will tell you all you need to do to throw your boss an awesome birthday party!

First & Foremost - Get The Basics Right

Get the DOB right

Please don't mess up the date.

If you are not sure, don't wait for facebook to tell you, find out and reconfirm.

Find Out if She will Come into Work

A lot of people do not like to work on their bday! Your entire plan would amount to naught if the birthday girl/boy did not show

Find Out if others in the Office even want to throw her a party

Boy. If only people has asked before setting up huge budgets.

Once you have a general buy-in and some contributions (promise wont help) only then read forward.

Find Out if your office has any rules against personal celebrations

Some organizations frown upon such display. Please ensure you do nothing to harm your long term career prospects for the sake of your boss.

Remember you should neither overdo it nor under do it.

Ok...lets say all this is checked. Now what?

There Must Be A Cake

A birthday without a cake is cruel.

Make sure there is a cake.

But here is where you can make an impression. Don't make it one that is the generic, over-the-counter cake. Since you are going to do this, do this really well.

It's your boss. You have two choices:

1. Make the cake to commemorate a particular success

2. Create a cake around a hobby or interest of the birthday girl/boy

Party Celebrations should be muted

This is the office and this is official.

Do not overdo and neither should you make it boring.

Have some music, but nothing too loud.

Alcohol is generally advised against, but be ready incase the boss whips out his/her stash.

Some little party caps, whistles, balloons may actually add color to the party.


If it is a lady then flowers are a must.

Let her carry the warmth home to share with her family.  she will have something to show them about all the love she receives at the office.

For a man, flowers may be a good idea with a tag line 'for the woman behind the success'

Take Pictures/Videos

create memories, that you can mail to him/her, something they can share online with their circle and keep for keeps.


Not a must.

Some bosses may not want to accept gifts for various reasons (including corporate policy and the fact that they would/should offer something in return), so be careful about that.

But if there is something you know your boss craves for or has been lusting for, and the team can afford it, it would be wonderful.

One of our bosses was so happy with the coffee machine we gifted him, he invited us over just for coffee!

Invite your boss' bosses

It is good gesture.

they should not be left out of the loop.  they may choose to contribute or not.  please dont make them.

Sign A Card

Everyone must sign the card.

Say something nice.

Use respectful words.

Be careful for any smart Alec trying to put down something in another's name for fun.

Clean Up the Office

Party over.

Clean up the office.

It is your responsibility since you organized the party.


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    • profile image

      Akriti Sharma 

      7 years ago

      It was my bosses birthday today.... I got most of it right! But for what i missed... I'll just have to wait for next year or do an extended birthday treat...

      Thank you SurfSurd, this article was sure useful!

      But what wld be very interesting to know is what prompted you to write it???

      Thanks anyway, Akriti


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