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How To Successfully Use Pay Per Click Advertising

Updated on January 28, 2013

In just a little over a decade owning a website has grown from a form of advertisement to a very profitable business for many. As the Internet continues to grow so do advertisers looking to market their products and services. With this continuous growth in online advertising, Internet marketing has become more difficult than ever.

Increase sales with yahoo search marketing

Increase sales with pay per click advertising
Increase sales with pay per click advertising

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is the most powerful from of website advertising, and is all but a necessity to get a website seen by the public. What makes search engine marketing so profitable is that it allows you to place your website in front of people who are searching for your products or service.

In order for a website to be included in search results, a webmaster must optimize the website for search engines. This is commonly referred as search engine optimization (seo). Seo requires a good deal of time, and knowledge of how a search engine works.

Pay per click advertising

Major search engines such as yahoo, and google have created a method to allow new and less popular sites to be included in search results. This is called pay per click advertising

Pay per click advertising is a method used by Internet marketers that allows them to pay search engines to show up in search results, and websites for certain keywords. Internet marketers bid on certain keywords that they wish to show up for in searches, the advertiser with the highest bid shows up first and so on.

Pay per clicks is a form of targeted advertising, which means a customers ad is being placed directly in front of people who are looking for the products or services that an advertiser is selling. The beauty of pay per clicks is that since you are paying by the click, the more you target your customer the less money you will spend, and the more likely it is for you to make a sell.


Internet marketers A and Internet advertiser B are both advertising a paid survey website which they have a affiliate agreement with. Marketer A bids on the keyword "make money online" this is a popular keyword that will bring tons of traffic therefore the price is higher. His website customers however are looking for a wide variety of ways to make money online and only sells to 10% of his visitors, but every click costs. Marketer B bids on keyword "make money online with paid surveys" which has less competition because only paid survey advertisers are bidding on this word, instead of every company who offers a way to make money online. Now his traffic is narrowed down to only visitors who are looking to make money with paid surveys, so he makes a sell to 40% of his visitors.

So the more targeted your keywords are the less traffic you will recieve, but your conversion rate will be. A good pay per click strategy would be a mixture of both broad, and targeted keywords, paying less for broad terms and more for your targeted terms, since they will have the highest conversion rate.

pay per click sucess will depend on how well you balance your bids and conversion percentage

online marketing
online marketing

Google Adwords

Google has the #1 search engine, and the most popular pay per click program, google adwords. Both google and yahoo have plenty of information to get you started and to create an effective pay per click ad.

Most advertisers make a fatal mistake in picking only one pay per click program to use for their internet marketing needs. As I said before yahoo reaches 47 million users per day, and 2.4 million searches per month, so if you are only using google adwords you are missing out on a major market. There are plenty of other major search engines that have this program so make sure you check into them, the wider you spread your internet marketing the more potential customers you will reach.

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    • knslms profile image

      knslms 9 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks for commenting, I hope the article was helpful!

    • mureksoy profile image

      mureksoy 9 years ago from Florida USA

      Thanks for this great information -- Always trying to figure out the best and cheapest ways to get traffic to my pages!