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How To Use Negative Selling Tactics

Updated on May 22, 2012

Have you ever used any negative selling tactics?

Maybe you are one of the subscribers to the "Negative Selling Posse"?!

Some sales firms encourage the use of negativity and a lot of them even get brainwashed with it!

Now, I'm not here to tell you what is right and what is wrong in the way that you sell. I am here to provide you with alternative ways and techniques to close more sales.

So let's take a look at what negative selling is shall we?

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So what are negative selling tactics?

The overall philosophy is that most salespeople have a positive mental attitude, acting and sounding positive, and that this just seems too good to be true to today's buyers.

So, what does negative selling look like in action?

Well, you might call a prospect and say that you've been able to help a lot clients achieve xyz, but you may or may not be able to help them.

The things is, some of your prospects will really like this approach.

You may go on to say something like:

"We increased the turnover for XYZ company by 22% during the last calender year, but that may not be enough for you"

Some prospects like this "under hyped" approach especially if you can couple it with outstanding rapport.

To them it is more real.

So how effective is this approach?

Well, I am sure that this approach does work like any other.

My advice?

Keep the technique in your locker and use it when the time is right.

Thinking about it, I have used it at times in the past without going out of my way to do it though.

For example, on one occasion my prospect said:

"Sean, I'm interested in using MTD for all of our sales training right the way throughout the company from top to toe but I need to know what return on investment the training will bring?"

I replied with:

"Well, I can't actually say what the ROI will be for this programme because no two programmes are the same. But we did see returns of 34% in increased sales for XYZ company and also a 28% increase in leads generated for ABC company - would that be too low for you?"

Yes, we got the business and to boot we are near completion of the programme and the company have experienced a boost of 250% more appointments from their telesales staff!

Add this useful technique to your armoury and use it when the time is right.

MTD Sales Training
MTD Sales Training

MTD Sales Training

Sean McPheat is Managing Director of MTD Sales Training.

MTD Sales Training can help you to improve your sales performance by learning how to overcome more objections and close more sales.

For more information of MTD and the sales training courses we provide, please visit MTD Sales Training.

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    • seanmcpheat profile image

      seanmcpheat 5 years ago

      @JCHerrera67: Really glad you're enjoying my content. I'll be producing plenty more like this so keep your eyes peeled.

    • profile image

      JCHerrera67 5 years ago

      This is a great tip! thanks for sharing it!. I have read several books on sales training but this is the first time I see this topic explained this easy and practical.