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How to Work as a Writer with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Updated on September 24, 2015

When Your Entire Livelihood Depends On Your Hands and Wrist

It can be a stressful thing. Wait, stressful hell! It can be painful, and cost you your job as a freelance writer. When you are suffering from this repetitive motion injury, there are many things that will be suggested. Read here about those things that may not be feasible for your budget, as well as those home remedies that are incredibly priceless.

When Slowing Down is Not an Option...

But Inevitable

Regardless of how often you write, or for what extended periods of time, you are eventually going to begin to suffer from the early pains of the bane of a writers existence. Carpal Tunnel.

carpal tunnel home diagnosis test
carpal tunnel home diagnosis test

What Is Carpal Tunnel?

How Do I Know I Have It Without Visiting a Physician

When my doctor did this quick test to me I was shocked. No needles, no expensive testing is required.

Simply hold your affected hand in a semi cupped position and have your significant other or another family member lightly tap the area shown in the picture. Pretty much dead center of the underside of your wrist. The location is circled in red.

Once you have that area lightly tapped, such as a the strength you may use to tap your fingers on a desk if you were annoyed, than the wrist in question should display one definite result. Those taps will cause tiny needles of pain to extend to the tips of the middle and ring finger. If you feel this very subtly, you have the early signs of Carpal Tunnel. If you feel it strongly, your symptoms may be more advanced.

Note: Even accurate self test are not professional medical help. Seek help if your conditions worsen to where you cannot hold simple items like a carton of milk in your hands without dropping it.

Carpal Tunnel Help On Amazon - I mean REAL help

These products WORK. When you are having inflammatory pain, take a 15 minute break, get some salve on it. Let it dry, toss these thermoskins on, and in about 15 minutes, you should be able to eek out another 500 word blog.

carpal tunnel home diagnosis test
carpal tunnel home diagnosis test


No not THAT Kind

I considering it the luckiest find of the century considering what it can do for carpal tunnel sufferers. Although I bought it for microderm abrasion, its concave surface gives me JUST the relief I need when using this tool in an upward motion. Either from the wrist up, which gives circulation to the elbow, or from the elbow down, in which you can LITERALLY feel the blood flow return to your fingers.

Use it for your face all you want, it works massively good there too. But when done with your face, take off the spongy attachment, apply some lotion to the spoon shaped surface, and deep massage those wrist, even the fingers, and DON't forget to massage downwards from your shoulder to your forearm, the back of it, this brings blood rushing to those vital areas


Yep. The least affordable, but most long term option. However, make sure your doctor tells you how long you can expect the surgery to provide you with relief. It does NOT last forever, for most, it last around ten years.


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