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Marketing Brief

Updated on September 3, 2009

Marketing Tips

  • We are exposed on average to 1500 advertising messages every day.
  • The first and most important task when producing advertising is to get people's attention. The best way to get attention is with a headline, or picture.
  • The most effective headlines promise a benefit, or give news. Good words include how to, why, who, you, your, new, special, free, sale, discount.
  • The simplest presentation and layouts are usually the most effective. Remember to keep it simple. Short words, short sentences, simple layouts.
  • People buy benefits, not features. Tell the customer what is in it for them. Sell the sizzle, not the steak.
  • Our natural reading attention goes from top left to bottom right. Set out your most important information in this order.
  • Remember to close the sale. Ask them to phone or write today, return the coupon, drop in before Friday, hurry or they will miss out. If you do not ask, you won't get.

Marketing Lessons

  • Establish what’s special about the product.
  • Decide your target market.   
  • Choose slogans and images which will make consumers identify with the product.   
  • Keep the image in front of the target consumers.

Four parts to a good ad

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Brainstorm your business

This is particularly helpful for small to medium sized businesses, even micro-enterprise. Sit down, print out and fill in the form below and start looking at your business from the out and above. Be emotionless in your appraisal and evaluation of your business.

The Brief


What is the key market fact, which would affect your advertising success? What is hot about your product? What service do you provide that is superior to your competition?


Who are your customers? What are their socio-economic, geographic and demographic profiles?

Psychographics. What are the beliefs and behaviours of your target audience in relation to your product or service?


Why does your target audience need this product or service? What does it do to make an impact on their image, attitude or usage problems?


How do you want the target audience to change their belief or behaviour toward your product/service. How quickly and to what extent?


How do you want consumers to feel after seeing/hearing/reading the advertisement? What rational and emotional response should we be seeking?


What sort of image do you want to convey to your targets? What do you want them to remember about you? What style do you want to project? Is there something that sets you apart from your competitors?


Any legal restrictions or product performance limitations.


What type of advertising? Institutional or direct-response?


  • eg: open 7 days
  • this weekend only
  • address and phone
  • prices
  • special offers

DIY Creative Strategy Worksheet

Primary Selling Points: (Product Points: built in characteristics of product itself, including any USP)




Primary Benefits (Prospect Points: the buyer gets from using this product or service)




Consumer Profile of Target Prospect:

1. Demographics (age, sex, education, income, occupation)

2. Psychographics (lifestyle, attitude, personality traits)

Belief you want this Ad to establish:




Reasons why prospect should believe it:




"Big Ideas" to dramatise this belief:




Visualisation of Big Idea

1. Product alone

2. Product in setting

3. Product in use


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