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How The Ebay Seller Spends The Christmas Season

Updated on December 26, 2011

I Can Sell That!

The Thanksgiving meal is over and as she puts away the last of the leftovers, her mind is already going over tomorrow's timetable. It's the first "big day" for shoppers, Black Friday!

She's at her computer at 6:00 a.m., writing descriptions, taking photos and listing. She's accumulated hundreds of Christmas items and the decorations have already been selling like hotcakes.

For the next ten days, her thoughts are on nothing but buy and sell, buy and sell, buy and sell! Sell! Sell! Sell! Over and over, the camera flashes and pictures are downloaded. Her fingers rapidly tap the keyboard as she gives details of item after item.

The season is in full swing now and she continues to list. Nothing in her reach is safe from her "I can sell that!" mind-set so typical of the Ebay store owner.

She doesn't remember eating meals and when did she last see her husband? Surely she didn't...No, that's not possible. She'd surely remember shipping a box that big and the mail lady would have strongly objected to a parcel that heavy.

She spends as much time boxing, weighing and mailing as she does listing. Checking the Paypal account every couple of hours is a delight as she see the fruits of her labors.

At two weeks before Christmas, she knows she must take time to buy gifts for the family, but only on Ebay. For days, she bids on auctions. She's determined she won't spend over a certain amount for each person on her list. She'll spend hours on one gift, determined to get the lowest price possible.

A week before the big day and she realizes the tree isn't up. She jumps to the task and wonders if the family will notice the box of heirloom ornaments is missing a few pieces this year. Remember, nothing is off limits to an Ebay seller.

She decides the tree is finished even though there's only one string of lights, half of them not working, and a few pinecones tipped in white she was trying to sell. The cardboard star on top will have to do.

Finally, four days before Christmas, she realizes there are several decorations that haven't sold. She begins placing them on shelves and tables, mixing in a little greenery from the cedar tree in the yard. There's no lack of space for displaying decorations this year. Like the missing ornaments, the collectibles and books that filled the areas earlier are not to be found.

The big day is here! She bites her tongue as she watches her carefully turned and taped inside-out cereal, cake mix and oatmeal boxes being ripped. But it's okay. Packing tape works wonders! And as for the torn paper, it serves as great fill material.

She tries to hide her enthusiasm as several of the recipients declare their gifts won't fit. She knows she got them at such a bargain, she'll triple her investment. She fakes a sad face and proclaims softly, "Don't Worry. I can sell it on Ebay."

At the end of the day, she reflects on her accomplishments and breathes in a sigh of contentment, but only for a moment. She's headed to her computer now to do some research on what the big selling items are for New Year's Day and Kwanzaa.

Getting Ready For Shipment

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