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How To Deal With An Obnoxious Co-Worker Before You Lose Control (Emunah La-Paz Defines You)

Updated on February 26, 2015


Most work environments can be stressful due to the expectations of the company. This level of stress can be elevated if you work with an annoying co-worker.

This article is about how to get along with a difficult co-worker.

Some Situations Can Get Out Of Hand

You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry

Man In The Office
Man In The Office | Source

That Does It!

Woman freaking out with laptop.
Woman freaking out with laptop. | Source

You Are Provoking My Mean Streak!

Petr Kratochvil/ Red eye represents seeing red/ anger.
Petr Kratochvil/ Red eye represents seeing red/ anger. | Source

How Do I Deal With My Obnoxious Co-Worker?

Dear Emunah:

I work for a major advertisement agency. My job is to create new products for a variety of companies alongside a small group of team members.

I am the only woman in our group. I don’t mind being the only female of the troupe, I was raised in house full of boys. I had five brothers to be exact. I am the only girl in our family so I had to learn how to hold my own around my disorderly bothers.

I enjoy my job, but ever since a new team member was hired on, I’ve been struggling to keep afloat. This new guy that they hired, is severely obnoxious. He addresses the members of our group in a loud and boisterous tone. He is extremely patronizing towards every plan I put forth.

On one occasion he relentlessly mocked me to the point of humiliation, involving a strategy plan that I had personally mapped out for our latest brand. He called my vision elementary! This new jerk, suggested that I go work for a company that sells gravel, “That way you won’t have to think so hard.” Is what he told me.

I have dreams of slapping this obnoxious co-worker repeatedly in the face, similar to Kurt Russell's character Wyatt Earp, when dealing with that loud mouth coward in the movie, ‘Tombstone’ I dream of slapping his face...hard! I don’t condone violence, but this guy is provoking my mean streak.

I can tell that every one of my team members are afraid of this new co-worker, because none of them will address his behavior.

I would report him to H.R. but... I don’t want to pick up my toys and run away from the sandbox just because some kid is not playing fair. I’m not a baby.

However I do suffer from anger problems so much so- that I had to resort to counseling. My fear is that this guy is going to push me to the point of physical retaliation. And I don’t want to lose my job.

How do I deal with my obnoxious co-worker before I lose control?


This May Not Be The Best Song To Sing When You Are Mad At A Co-Worker

I Would Like To Slap My Co-worker Up, Wyatt Earp Style

(March 19, 1848 – January 13, 1929) was a gambler, Pima County Deputy Sheriff, and Deputy Town Marshal in Tombstone, Arizona,
(March 19, 1848 – January 13, 1929) was a gambler, Pima County Deputy Sheriff, and Deputy Town Marshal in Tombstone, Arizona, | Source

I Want To Slap My Obnoxious Co-Worker (Warning This Video Contains Some Language That Is Not Suitable For Young Audiences

The Response:

Dear Whitley, I'm sorry to hear that your co-worker is an obnoxious human being. Yes, it would be nice if we could deal with loud, unruly and obnoxious people just as Wyatt Earp did in 'Tombstone'.

What Causes Obnoxious Behavior And Anger?

Unfortunately Whitley, it's unethical to slap your co-worker up- Kurt Russell Style.

However when I worked in retail around the holidays, the customers were so awful that I wanted to slap them up real good, "I wanted to throw down boy!' Just like Kurt Russell. But...That's not Jesus like behavior. Yet the fact remains that we are only human, and we all have our breaking point.

Let's address the root of the cause.

According to research, what causes obnoxious behavior is fear: (an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.)

Most likely your obnoxious co-worker is threatened by you. Obnoxious people are insecure, so they create ways to belittle those around them in order to feed their ego.

The way to address an obnoxious co-worker is to publically verbalize your discomfort face to face. If the obnoxious co-worker does not simmer down you should report their disruptive ways to H.R.

Human Resources is there to manage and develop employees in an organized manner in order to run a productive and safe environment for their workers. In other words H.R. is the principal's office for those who don't know how to play fair-in the sandbox.

How To Control Your Anger

Fist Clashing
Fist Clashing | Source

Dealing With The Obnoxious Co-worker Poll.

How do you deal with an obnoxious co-worker?

See results

Fighting Your Emotions.

Research shows that women get angry as often as men, concerning the same circumstances. Extreme anger presents itself by concealing anger.

Research shows that women who suppress their anger over a long period of time were two times more likely to die early compared to those who vent. It is not wise to let anger fester.

Anger is an anxiety also caused by fear which transfers into anger within a matter of seconds. How this anger is released is important.

Keep You Anger Under control

1. Doctors suggest that in order to stay in control one should keep an anger journal. The anger journal is created to help observe your anger on paper in hopes of resolving how it emerged. Recording how you feel before the event takes place can help you keep track of the outcome.

2. Count to 10 even 30 if need be, giving yourself time to seek a rational outcome. Stay away from negative thoughts that linger as well.

3. If your place of employment has a gym or walking grounds take time out to exercise and sweat it out until your frustration subsides.

4. If all fails remove yourself from the obnoxious situation. Do not allow your peace to be compromised.

Emunah La-Paz

It Would Be Nice If Everyday Was A Good Day! Take Advice From Authors That Have A Positive Outlook On Life


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