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How To Do Internet Marketing

Updated on November 29, 2014

How to Set up an Online Business

In the time of increasing numbers of unemployed many are turning towards learning an internet business and working from home. It is possible to earn a decent living online and this lens gives a few tips on the best way to go about it.

Forget about the money and concentrate on what you want to do and the best way to go about doing it, but there is a learning curve.

The benefits of working from home are enormous if one can succeed at it. The question is how to do it successfully and not break the bank?

It can take many years for most people to learn everything they need to know about setting up a web business. The technology is moving so fast ahead that even when one feels they know it there is much more to learn. Unlike many other professions, however, this is the equivalent of acquiring a university degree if you are just beginning.

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Some entrepreneurs are selling hot tips on marketing online and making a fortune doing it. But they don't always give the best advice and for many their primary goal is to get your money, that's how they make it big online. Before you buy anything you must know what you are doing or you might end up losing more than you can afford

So what is the best way to learn how to get online and succeed?

There can be only one solution. You can waste years going around in circles or you can do some courses, meet up with people who are doing the same thing and can advise and support. But you must still research your particular interest.

What If i know all that stuff but still can't make it?

If you are clued up (intelligent is probably the best word) enough to catch on you might join some forums and pick the brains of those willing to share their knowledge for nothing in return for you helping them occasionally. The more you put in the more you can expect to get out.

I am a total newcomer to it so where do I begin.

Most newcomers, called newbies in the profession, are anxious to get going quickly and are prepared to spend to get the information and do courses. This will involve money, sometimes a lot of it, but then again stumbling around in the dark, buying books that simply don't help you and forking out for programs you thought you need but don't can end up costing you much more.

This article is designed to cut to the chase and help you get online as soon as possible with real knowledge and focus without hefty outlays. It will also save you heaps of money if you follow the advice.

Learn FromThe Young

If you are just starting out

The young are particularly advantaged with coping on the Internet and its programming because schools teach courses associated with using the right tools and designing sites. Unfortunately, however, most of the folks looking to come online at this time are older workers, many retired, who cannot get employment because they were trained into trades or professions that are failing or simply downsizing. Even the IT industry is suffering right now.

When they see the complicated codes and the technology that they simply cannot get their heads around many 'would be's' either give up or search through miles of inferior advice in desperation. Its literally a minefield out there with few offering to advise you for nothing.

So don't be surprised if you child or grandchild can teach you a thing or two about the Internet. Some are making quite a go of it by selling their own stuff online and they are only too pleased to help out the oldies.

There are things you will need to buy but before you spend a cent make sure that it is something that will be of the utmost benefit. Don't gamble with your money unless you have more than you need.

The Things You Need to Know?

Don't Presume Anything!

Before you can market online you have to be online. That means getting a web site, a domain, a host, and all the associated programs to run it. So where do you start?

I have 16 domains with one host them and about 50 sub domains and probably the same number of email boxes. But I can add hundreds more if I want as there is no limit, the problem is managing them. They give you at least one domain name for free, depending on the service you take. With the professional deal you pay biannually (every 2 years). It has Site Studio as one of its features and a very good support team with 24 hour chat room. It is also very easy to understand and if you have any trouble there is a manual or technicians to help out.

You also get 3 domain names for free and heaps of other stuff. That is definitely the best plan and the one I use.

What's Your Line

If you are wondering what to do online then my advice is to do something along the lines of your interests. You might have a hobby, be trained professionally in a particular field in which you know a lot, or you may be a parent who wants to concentrate on rearing children or selling clothes or toys or something. You might be a writer and want to sell your e-books and or your expertise. You just might like the idea of communicating and then again there are many affiliate programs to cotton on to.

Get A Plan

You need to also come up with a plan. How many hours a week will you work? How much of that time will you devote to research and how much to marketing? You get the picture. In the beginning you will be doing more research, discovery and learning to get yourself going. But don't worry about that. This is the formative period where the more you learn now the better it will work for you in the future.

Do a Business Proposal

Make a business proposal for yourself and set down what money you can afford to outlay and what you need to earn in order to be viable. You must be realistic and allow yourself a few months before the income starts. You also need time off because you can become very absorbed in your work and ignore your health. Plan to take one or two days off a week and stick to it.

If you were approaching a bank for money to start a business they would insist on seeing your business plan. Well, just because you are working for yourself does not eliminate the need for one. You are, in fact, your own money lender and unless you can see a light at the end of the tunnel and the feasibility of what you are doing then you should not start it.

Your Interest and Expertise Sells

Get a pen and pad and jot down all your interests and then eliminate those that you are not so keen about or don't know enough about to convince others that you are an expert. Number them off and don't be in a rush to complete this list as your future may depend on it. Bear in mind that you can always go back and research and delve into the ones you discard.

Once you have isolated the one thing you are most connected to it is time for the thinking cap to go on again. How would you phrase a question to find related sites? Write down the answers, because there will be several. Perhaps you can think of two or three dozen ways to ask the same thing. There are web sites selling cement products and one that sells boot polish. So anything is viable as long as you do it right.

Visit marketing sites to learn how others do it. Write articles and publish them through ezine publishers and have several done before you go online. Also get blogging. It all helps

Graphics and Web Design

How important are they

When I first started online it was with a very simple basic site that was filled with information rather then clever graphics. These are something you can learn about as you go. The most important thing when you are starting out is to get your site going.

There are many online entrepreneurs who will willingly help and advise you if you know where to find them. The best place for this purpose is in a forum. Most forums will have help sections or even courses to do to get up to speed.

My recommendation is that you learn very basic HTML. If you know how to set up the head of a page for Search Engine optimization and fill in the body in proper code you can start online. Don't be afraid to experiment as nothing will happen to you for trying.

Its Time To Market Your Products

A Case Study

Lets take 'pies' as an example of something you might like to sell. Lets assume your passion is cooking and making the best pies you can or you want to market a cook book you have written.

What type of pies. Well there's at least a dozen or more phrases you can come up with just there. Think about relationship to:

Apple pies,

Home made pies

Fruit pies

Meat pies

and so on.

Then there are the types of pastries you can use, the shape, types, and the uses such food can be put to. How to serve hot pies? how to keep pies hot? the best side serves? and so on. Now put each of the phrases into a search engine search box and see what you come up with. Again make a list.

The thing that will happen is that your mind will be triggered into thinking of a lot of things you have not considered but which are extremely useful to your research. Once you have a list you can check out the number of sites using these terms in their domain name. Use Google Analytic's for this task. Click on Access Analytics and type in your keywords. Set aside any that are already in use in domain names and notice how they are being used.

Take particular notice of what is searched for and how that fits into your list.

You can analyze this through this useful tool. It will give you a run down on daily search numbers for each one.

Select from your list a term or two that are getting around 10-20 searches a day and see how you can work that into a domain name. For instance, if 'meat pies is your choice you might consider 'how to cook the perfect meat pie' as your domain name. That will give you traffic from anyone searching for that particular key word.

Once you have all that then it is time to go further. Now you can build your web site. The following leads to a Company who can help you with this task.

Add Products To Sell

Make Your Own or Sell for Others

Register your domain name. There are many places to do that and make sure that it contains at least one keyword or phrase. Don't pay more than $9-$10 per year for it. Cheaper may not give you protection as the same names can be used by more than one site.

Transfer the name to your host and set up your site. Merchants happily market these days using affiliates. All you need to do is tap into them and start marketing.

My advice is to use a web page creator like Site Studio, which I used to build this site and which has numerous templates to choose from. You can also adjust the color and size of links, etc. and you don't need to know too much html coding to use it. In fact you can do a site without any knowledge of coding but I suggest you learn the basics so you can do your own thing. The site must be easy to navigate and display well. Notice how color co-ordination also matters as presentation is everything.

You will notice that the Welcome Page shows what the site is about and contains an invitation to join the Newsletter. Through that special deals are sent to interested parties so they get first look as soon as they are offered. Why not join it and see how it works?

There are many programs online offering lessons on various aspects of doing web sites but most want payment up front. Type 'html codes' into your search engine, as an example, and it will return several sites. Check out for what they offer. There are also courses you can do which will benefit you but some may be more confusing at this stage. So take it easy and don't get carried away,

Many believe that you should only market one product and focus on it. That means that all your efforts will be directed towards selling it for the Company or person you take on.

But It Does Not Always Apply

How many products can you handle

You will notice that a couple of my sites are malls offering millions of products from hundreds of merchants. This gives me flexibility to write about many things and not just one particular product. This is personal choice and it is up to you what you do.

Owning and operating such a large business is very time consuming as you are managing all the shops and items sold. You do the advertising and promotion and write as much as possible about them whenever you get the chance. One product from a small company has been offered to me for testing on my grandchild, who is 7 years old. It is a reading program and I dare say I will do a lens about it as soon as I have the results.

My background is retail and selling and I like challenges. One product I sold for an artist recently paid me $us450 which eventuated from an article written on the man's background and success and published in Ezine Articles. If one can do that every day it's a pretty decent income, even if it is once a week.

While writing about one thing its possible to incorporate many things, as I have done in this report. Other artists featured on my site also benefited from that article as well.

When you are happy with your site and the products then it is time to write about them and do some promoting to get traffic to it. Without that the site is dead in the water.

Pick products from good Companies who are unlikely to go bust or desert you. Individuals are also vendors and fit into this category as my artist. He is offline now for over 3 months making further sales for him impossible

Making Your Site Pay

Products To Add

As people read your site they will click the link and you will get a sale if they buy something. You should click the link to see how these Companies work and what they offer. You are not marketing the goods the Companies are, you are only sending people to their sites.

While they are in the mood your audience may be interested in a good coffee maker or some other beverage. The more items you can associate with the theme the better.

You may notice that both these links are promoting goods from the same Company and that is because you need to be selective in who you recommend. I get my merchants from an affiliate company which is highly respected in the Industry. Companies they represent must be offering good quality and service. You can join them as an affiliate or as a merchant and they will usually manage the affiliate program for you.

There is nothing like pictures to get the taste buds working and the hunger juices flowing. Great pictures like these, produced by the merchant and given to you for free, will help to sell your product because of the complementary nature of them. But don't stop there.

The more products you add to your site the more sales you can make. You can also apply to Google and Yahoo to participate in their programs and they will usually allow you to put their ads on the site as well.There are 2 school of thought here, though.

Put a classified Ads website up today. All the tools provided for a successful, income-earning website. Use the default setup or customize it using the intuitive admin control panel. You can modify and adjust display settings and script can be set to run through automatic ad expiration, word banning, email notifications. Good money maker and work from home opportunity with little to do.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Site

You can do it Free or Paid

There are many ways of doing this and the first thing to do is list your domain with the Search Engines. If you go with the host mentioned above you can easily list your site with several SE's in seconds for free as often as you need to. Some Companies have deals whereby they submit your site to several hundred SE's for a monthly fee.

It is now that the real learning curve begins and you will need to join some forums to work out what you want and the most popular ways of driving traffic. The best one is The Warriors

Pop in there and sign up and start reading the wealth of information given for free by its members. Many of these have made substantial amounts from marketing online and are keen to help others do the same. On top of that there are some good courses from time to time that are well worth doing.

Members also offer products to other warriors for very small amounts or even free. You can make friends and you can discover most of what you want to know here. The other great thing with it is that you can put your link in your signature and every time you add a post it is shown. Google loves the forum and quickly registers web sites advertised in this way.

Through forums like this you will gain heaps of knowledge on joint ventures and other things which will also bring in money for you.

Be prepared for some hard work to get you going. Write articles on your area of expertise and publish them with Ezine Articles or some other publisher. This will help to get you traffic and boost your ranking in the search engines. Not everyone is a writer and doing articles about specific things is a skill that will improve as you go. You can also get 'ghost writers' from the Warriors if you can't do it yourself.

Other Traffic Sources

Emails are still the number one way recommended for building a list essential for marketing. A good auto responder is needed in order to do this. That is a program that sends emails for you and helps to build your lists by giving you a piece of html code to put on your web site and which is a submit form for visitors to fill in. By so doing you send them newsletters and broadcasts.

The most popular and the one I use is this one. It gives an unlimited number of auto responders and supplies templates and other things. Take a look see yourself and you can have a test drive to see if you like it. There is even a free gift as well.

Can You Have More Sales, Too?.

Get Back Links

Building back links or connections to other sites, such as social sites, urls, blogs and so on is probably the best way to derive good SEO optimization. With the right key words and a sign up page on your site you will quickly build your lists and sales should follow.

Paid Email Lists

Some people use them some don't. I only use one and it ia fairly good. I have made some decent sales from it and done in such a way that it is push button and the mail is sent from the Companies server. The Company has a very good reputation and is highly recommended by many millionaire gurus who built their own lists while using it.

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      Webcodes LM 

      10 years ago

      These are good tips. I would say you really need to be passionate if you want to succeed in the internet. I am a programmer, I learned programming because I wanted to and was always passionate about it. I learned everything from scratch. If you are passionate about anything, you'll succeed. 5*.

    • wolfie10 profile image


      10 years ago

      great lens. i have book marked it.

    • wolfie10 profile image


      10 years ago

      great lens. i have book marked it.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      The Eby Way rates you 5 stars. Thank you for your support.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Talking about internet marketing, there're lots of steps we need to do to make our website known and drive traffic to the site, including but not limited to

      - Optimizing website content and design: optimizing landing page; developing proper title tags/heading tags; including key meta description/keyword description in the web source code...

      - Setting up good AdWords campaigns: defining the right language and geography targeting; allocating proper daily/monthly budget to make sure that you're not overcharged or you don't have enough clicks or desired conversions each month; developing ad texts that convey the necessary marketing messages; developing good keyword list and also negative list to filter out unwanted clicks and costs...

      - Joining social networks and building external links for your site

      The key point is to stand from your customers' point of view in every step that you do, say, know what they think, what they want, what they look for and what they expect.



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