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How To Excel With The Power Focus

Updated on March 11, 2010


Hubbers, if you are following my activities since last week, you will observed that my last hub address the issue of goals setting and how to achieve excellent and effective result in that very art. But today by the grace of God, I will go a little further to discuss how we can use the power of focus to excel in any endeavor in life.

As we set goals in our life, in our family, and in our businesses; if we are to succeed in achieving these goals we must learn to be focus. Now what is focus?

Focus is the ability to concentrate on a particular course with undivided mind and try to makes best out of it with great passion.

Have you ever had trouble getting started on something, or struggled to finish what you’ve started? At one time or the other we find it difficult to concentrate on a project we started and finish it. Or some time we have a dream and the starting point becomes a problem to you, that is cause by lack of focus.

Sometime you start out strongly and before you know it your momentum begins to fizzle out gradually due to lack of concentration. How do you know if you have a problem focusing?

1.      If you have a lot of projects half way.

2.      If you consistently berate yourself for not following through, or feel like a failure because you can’t seem to accomplish anything definitive.

3.      Or you an idea in your so strong and you find it difficult to start on that very ideas-

Then your problem might be lack of concentration which must be taken seriously to tackle. If you have experiences like these, can easily result to frustration in various areas of ones life such as:

1.      Find the right opportunity

2.      The right career

3.      Finding the right business opportunity,

4.      Finding the right spouse

5.      And also finding difficult to take decisive decision in your life.

And before you know it, this lack of focus can lead you to a number of false solutions. These are false solutions because what you have achieved is not caused by the goals you‘ve, set for yourself.

The true solution to achieve excellent success actually lies within you. If you have the ability to FOCUS, you have the ability to become successful at anything you do. This article will try to walk you through each important step of creating an undivided-minded focus. By the time you finish reading this, you should have a clear, precise idea of exactly what you need to do, to not only finish what you start – but drastically increase your potential for success with whatever you do.

The Cruciality Of Focus:

What is focus and what can it do for you? For us to see the crucial nature of focus, let me still narrow down the definition of focus as: the ability to giving total attention on something (such as a goal or problem).

When you look at the benefits of focus, you can easily see why it affects everything you do. Some of the benefits of focus are as follows:

1.       Focus helps you to see the big picture clearly,

2.      Focus helps you to cut a precise road to your goal(s),

3.      Focus keeps you on track with your plans,

4.      Focus makes you to avoid distractions

5.      Focus makes you to work effectively and efficiently as possible,

6.      Focus helps identify specific and productive action steps.

In other word,  if you want to be successful in every thing you undertake in life, focus is an art that you need to have. Stepping Back: Seeing the Big Picture:

You may initially think of focus as the ability to narrow your attention to a very specific point, and you would be accurate with that assessment.

However, as much as the above statement might be true, but then before you narrow down your perspective you might find it beneficial to a step backward to have a wider view of your goal(s) - before you begin the actual narrowing down to precise goals and plotting a course to reach them. This is important because we are often short-sighted and emotionally involved when it comes to our own dreams, goals and aspirations. It’s very easy to get blinded by inspiration and miss the very important information that would help us achieve our goal quickly and easily. If we’re standing too close to our objective, we can’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak. Stepping back and looking dispassionately at the big picture can help us gain a clearer idea of what we want and the best way to get it. You can start by asking yourself some these vital questions such as:

1.      What do you want to accomplish?

2.      What is the reason for accomplishing these objectives?

3.      What will such a goal do for you, and for others?

4.      Are these goals or objectives worth the whole effort?

5.      What are the possible obstacles that might you encounter as you pursue this goal?

6.      What types of challenges might threaten your focus, and what can you do about them?

7.       What steps can you take to ensure your determination stays strong?

Considering and careful analysis of these questions mentioned above can really save you some to potential problems, and prepare you to handle them professionally when they eventually occurs. That is, the analysis of these questions give you room to narrowing In: One Thing at a Time Once you’ve gotten a clear idea of the big picture and assessed the challenges and possibilities, it’s time to narrow down your focus. And when I say “narrow” – I mean really NARROW.

So the essence of I am saying here is this, “every major project the any human takes in life comprise of smaller ones that need to be achieved first in order for the bigger one to be accomplished. And for you to narrow down to this smaller goals that leads to the bigger one, you must have a proper understanding of the global objectives and it’s relevant challenges. Having done that, you can now start from the basis and where is the starting point?

At this point in time of this write up, I will probable say you might take following step as the first steps to take:

1.       Research and expand your knowledge.

2.      Put your clear plan of action on ground.

3.      Take the small achievable goals first and act on them now.

4.      Work out a plan to gradually increase the effort you exert.

5.      Use your smaller goals achieved to boost your confidence and encouragement to take bolder steps.

The exact steps will vary widely depending upon your specific goal, of course. The point is to look at the culmination of your goal and identify each specific step that will lead you there. Once you have identified these smaller goals, you need to remove your attention from the larger goal temporarily so you can focus effectively on the smaller steps. Refusing to do so is kind of like trying to drive a long distance by focusing only on the destination - it just won’t work. In order to reach your destination safely and in the least amount of time, you need to focus on the route that leads there, step by step.

I hope this will make stay focus on your projects in life and achieve great success. Wish to hear your comments that can a source of encouragement.



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