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labour turnover or employee turnover

Updated on July 18, 2014

Employee turnover and its impact on organization and society

Employee turnover is becoming a major problem in all business organization. Turnover may causes in different way. Such as resignation, termination, etc. Whatever is is a great problem in any organisation. Even in social context. When turnover is ooccur by employer is called termination. A turnover is caused by employes own accord is called resignation. Most of the companies are trying hardly to reduce the turnover rate of them. But yet turnover is becoming a great problem. In social and economical contex if we think about that, we will find that this problem is economically and socially impacting a great. So its becoming a great challenge for labour organisation to reducing total turnover rate. It is also a subject of state government to strictly reduce the rate by implementing a proper legal procedure. International labour organization is implementing their activities in different countries all over the world to reduce that problem.

Social impact of abnormal employee turnover rate

An abnormal employee turnover rate in a country increases the social complexity, such as crime, anxiety, depression, poverty etc. Peoples are power. But these peoples become depressed in an uncertain situation. Excessive level of employee turnover in a society, even in a country increases uncertainty of future. Hence increases the social complexity.


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