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A turnover game and an interrelation between resignation and termination

Updated on July 18, 2014

Employee turnover is happening just like a cyclical game

I observed few market and the movement of labour force or employees and found a slight relationship just with a game. It is found specially in sales. Just like that just creating a hole by turnover of one employee and filled it by others who may be fresh or experienced. This structure is cycling continuously. It seems to be a game. But this game is alarming to us. The whole society are suffering for this game. It should be minimise. This is involving in increasing mental pressure of young peoples. Excessive level of recruitment with highest frequency of time and with highest rate of turnover is not good for society. Every state government should be aware about this matter. With the increasing of unemployee rate in labour market, incereasing the rate of turnover game.

Two common process of employee turnover, resignation and termination

Resignation happend when employee willingly leave the job. Termination happened when employer remove employee from the job. This two process of employee turnover have an interrelationship. Excessive rate of resignation leads other employee to commit resignation. Even in that employee who was completely determined to the job. Oppositely managements tendency to removing employee from the job also reduces with the increasing of resignation in order to continuing the smoth operation of the organization. Hence reduces the dictatorship leading. But yet it become difficult to reduces the rate of resignation if abnormal rate of resignation started. It can be consider with the current flow of river. To stop the current flow is as difficut as to stop the flow of resignation. It is an alarming matter that such kinds of flow of resignation can lead any organization to destroy.


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