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Labour law and its implementation can reduce employee turnover

Updated on July 17, 2014

lavour law and its importance

Labour law is a state rule involving employer and employee that ensures the labour right and it also ensures the responsibility of employees toward employer. Labour law protects employee from injustice from employer. It protects an illegal termination. It also sets the working hour for an employee. A complete legal support are implement by proper utilization of labour law. It controls the organizational behaviour. What level of relationship should exist between employer and employee, labour law ensures it. How an employer should treat his employee, what is the employees responsibility both are focuses in labour law. In different countries labour law is different and established on the basis of political and social condition.

How labour law increases the job satisfaction?

Satisfaction is a psychological matter. Satisaction and job security is interrelated. Highest the job security, highest the satisfaction. Satisfaction is also related with empowerment. Empowerment increases the job satisfaction. Again flexibility increases the job satisfaction. Labour law ensures all of these. If labour law is strong in a state or country employees able to think that they are not alone. Government have given them right. They become psychologically stronger. When they abled to understand that their job is not unsecured, they become stronger. Ultimately they become highly satisfied with their job. Highest level of satisfaction reduces the probability of resignation. If satisfaction improves the performance level, hence it indirectly reduces the rate of termination.

Setting of the working hour by labour law reduces the physical and mental pressure on employee. Hence, it increases the job satisfaction and reduces the rate of employee turnover.

How a weak labour law increases turnover rate?

A weak labour law increases the turnover rate due to absence of the appropriate practice of labour law increases the dissatisfaction with the job. On the other hand it increases the dictatorship of management. Where crime have no punishment there crime will increase. It is a natural process.where emplpyee can not able to believe that they are living in a unsecured environment it is clear that they will search a secured environment.

Absence of strong labour or employee union

Abscence of labour union can highly results in high rate of turnover. Due to having no labour union any indivisual employee can not find any technical support to protect himself from losing the job. Hence, to establish the employee rights it is important to establishment of a labour union.


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