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Dissatisfaction in job is a countable cause of employee turnover

Updated on August 23, 2014

Dissatisfaction with the job

Dissatisfaction means somewhat gap of the employees expectation from the organization that leads employee in poor performance and ultimately to make a decision of leave the organization. There may be a lots of causes of dissatisfaction. Such as poor salary structure, working hours, employee rules, stability of the employee, mobility, dictatorship of leader, mismatching with the work style, lackings of flexibility, etc. Another things that specially affact on the employees mind that is jobs stability. Resignation or termination of other employees leads a dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction due to poor salary

Salary is a major motivational factor in job. A good salary structure highly motivated to employee for high performance. A poor performance leads employee to dissatisfaction.

Increassing of salary structure increases the motivation to the job. It can minimise the ddissatisfaction to the job. It is the common matter is that if companies offered salary can not fully satisfied the needs of survival, can never motivate any employee to the job. On the other hand only gaining regulary a strong monetary value can give comfort in life.

Motivation and dissatisfaction

Motivation and dissatisfaction is inversely related. With increasing of motivation decreases the dissatisfaction. In an organization motivation and dissatisfaction can run parallel motion. When dissatisfaction became more heavier than motivation, there leads to employee resignation, even termination. So it is important to controll the level of motivation and dissatisfaction.

when peoples satisfied with job

Human beings have few basic needs. According to mosleys needs pyramid, the five basic needs are the wants of human being. Men wants food, shrlter, love, power, self esteem of need. The top need of the pyramid can not be satisfied. It is an unlimited need. The man wants more and more. After satisfying one of the need of a human being, new needs are creates. The job can satisfy the mosts of the basic needs of human being. If any of the need being unsatisfied he become demotivate. Just for example, Independence is the most powerful needs of any animals. Human beings nature is becoming independence. They want become independent just like bird. If any job any employee looses his independence he will tends to leave the job.


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