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Making Money On The web

Updated on August 14, 2009

Making Money On The web

Now that we've covered all the scams out there let's get started on how to get your WebSite or Blog up and running. There are thousands of places on the Web that offer Free WebSites and Free Blogs. All it takes is to start looking. is a great place to start a blog. It's free. as far as WebSites go, what I did was go to and signedup for their WebSite Tonight option. Now GoDaddy isn't free but you can get a WebSite with unlimited pages with hosting for about $15.00 a month. If you don't have a credit card go buy a pre-paid card and pay with that. Setting up the Site is easy, all you do is follow the steps. At last check they had over a 100 different starter pages that you can choose from. From there you pick the color and layout. What I did was find a site that offered free banners that you could make and that's what I used for the title tomy front page. The most important thing you have to do is find a nichethat you are passionate about. To run a successful Blog or webSite it needes to be updated daily or at the least every other day. Once it is up and running and your happy with the way it looks then it's time to apply for Google Adsense. Once you do apply it usually takes about 24 hours before you're accepted. What Google does is crawl your WebSite or Blog and it looks for original content. If you're looking to start an x-rated WebSite forget it. By original content I mean something that you've wrote yourself. Google loves original content. Once accepted by Adsense it's time to start placing your ads. Again, this is self explanatory and very easy. The only problem I had when I first started was that my ads were coming up in a different language but that problem was fixed quickly. On my next blog I'll get to the finer points of Adsense as well as all the other Affiliate Companies you can choose from to place on your Site.

Google Adsense

A check for over $125,000.00 from Google
A check for over $125,000.00 from Google


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