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Human Resource Management: Recruiting and Developing Human Resources

Updated on May 17, 2013

Merit Solutions Australia Provides Human Resource Management Services

Merit Solutions Australia is a human resource consultancy service that offers HR services such as recruitment and selection, executive recruitment and search, psychometric assessment, training of selection committees, training of job applicants, manager development, organization development, career management and HR practices. Merit Solutions was established in 1996 and has supported over 5,000 selection committees since then. Merit Solutions is located in Brisbane and offers specialized HR services to the public sector in Australia.

Anne-Marie Carroll, Managing Director
Anne-Marie Carroll, Managing Director

Merit Solutions Australia - A Network Business

Networked human resource consultants

Merit Solutions Australia is a networked business. It engages twenty-five HR consultants who all work from home in their own businesses. This means that the Merit consultants can enjoy a real quality of worklife. Work is allocated on a job by job basis and consultants are free to care for children, undertake studies or pursue their interests such as sailing. The family-friendly approach of Merit Solutions was recognized in an award by the Queensland Department of Industrial Relations.

Merit Solutions staff are highly qualified - possessing both professional qualifications and experience. Three Merit HR consultants have a PhD in the human resource field and three have relevant Masters Degrees. Merit consultants have prior experience as HR Managers, Training Managers and Line Managers.

Merit Solutions Australia Services - Human Resources consulants offering a wide range of humans resource services

Merit Solutions Australia Hosting Chinese Delegation - Sharing insights about recruitment and selection with the aid of an interpreter

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Strategic Alliance
Strategic Alliance

Strategic Alliance - Management Development

The Practical People Management Program

Merit Solutions Australia has formed a strategic alliance with Julie Cork and Associates to support the conduct of the Practical People Management Program (PPM) to the public sector in Queensland. This action-learning based program focuses on the development of people management skills, including feedback, conflict management, motivating staff, training and development, managing change, making the transition to management and cultural change.

Public sector participants in PPM also develop an action learning project that focuses on some aspect of their work responsibilities. The project can range from a focus on the individual (e.g.a poor performer or disengaged person), a team (team development) or some aspect of human resource management or operations. The action learning projects can also include developing relations with clients or key stakeholders in external organizations.

Three Merit consultants - Ron Passfield, Angela Bryan and Jane Woodland - are currently working with Julie Cork in the delivery of PPM Program which ranges over 4 to 6 months.

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