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Hyper Advertser The Hyper active Advertiser

Updated on June 26, 2011

Hyper advertiser video

Ways to Advertise

A great way to get the word out about any business is something so simple and effective yet there are still only a few marketers online taking advantage of it.

What if you could find a method of advertising for free and get potentially thousands of people to view your message?

What would it be like if this same concept could be made viral and start spreading throughout the Internet like an ever-increasing wave?

What if this same concept could build trust and increase credibility and brand you as an online as an expert in your filed?

What could it possibly be?

Well what if I told you that it what I talking about was staring you right in the face and you didn't even know it.

Ok. Let me put you out of your misery here. And No the answer is NOT article writing, although that is one method that you could employ, but the drawback with that is that not everyone has the ability to write good articles.

So what is the secret method?

The best way to get your website noticed and seen throughout the Internet is ...Advertising. Yes Plain and Simple advertising!

But then you ask where can you advertise that is free or low cost.

The answer to that is as complex as the question is simple.

There are numerous sites and programs that offer all types of advertising. Banner advertising, pay per click advertising,

pop up advertising, fly in advertising, widget advertising, exit advertising, slide in type advertising, Blogging, social posting and the list goes on and on.

The trick is to find a system that can offer as many of the above methods within the same program, and also one that will become viral. But also your Adverts MUST be targeted within the category as your own.

That then thins out the possibilities somewhat. As the internet grows, and web 2.00 is now coming more to the forefront of all internet marketing there are just a few of the newer web 2.0 adverting systems that meet all of these requirement.

Multiple types of Adverts, Targeted, and Viral.

The answer has to be a system that encourages and rewards advertisers for not only showing your adverts, but Adverts from other users of the same system. What you need is an hyper active, viral advertising system.

So the system therefore has to work in a similar to manner to that of banner exchanges except that they show text ads via widgets, fly in ads, banner text ads and exit ads. So every time you show an advert on our site you earn credits, which build up to have your advertisement shown on other people's

websites. This is true Viral advertising because then adverts are shown throughout the World on websites within similar categories.

There are a few of these types of sites just beginning to emerge and if you search the internet for "hyper active advertising" or "viral advertising" I am sure you will find the one you are looking for.

Geoff Lord the hyper active advertiser
Geoff Lord the hyper active advertiser


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    • profile image

      Bruce 9 years ago

      Sweet hub, dude. Loads of varied information, clearly laid out. Great job!

    • hzemel profile image

      hzemel 9 years ago from Valley Stream

      Very informative hub.