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Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives –Core Concept

Updated on April 28, 2015

Lets have an Interesting Example First

Messi’s vision or dream “to win the FIFA World Cup 2014” did not come true. There were some stages through which their team needed to go to reach the vision. They passed almost all the stages but unfortunately failed at the final stage. Therefore, 'winning the world cup in his hand' still remains a dream. Here, each stage like quarter final, semi final and then final can be termed as a goal or an end result and the sequence or way formed by these goals (shown in the picture above) is the mission.

[Note: Don’t get confused with the shout ‘Goal!’ by the commentator along with thousands of supporters from the gallery when messi scores a goal. If messi and their team’s vision is to win the World Cup then the matches, they need to win, are the goals and scoring goals to win a match then become sub goals or objectives.]

1) Vision –a picture

Vision is a picture of a desired future. A statement of where a business wants to be.

For instance, if we look at the real state companies we see that they typically make a brochure (drawing & design details) of the building before construction. The owners or customers of the house can have a preview of their dream home. The developers build the building based on the brochure. This brochure can be an example of a vision.

2) Mission –a way

Mission is a way to reach the vision formed by a set of goals.

For instance, Joseph's father wants to see his son at a top level executive position in a well reputed company. To make his desire or vision true, he made a career path like passing firstly the primary level, then advanced level, after that completing the graduation and lastly completing the post graduation. And he knows well that each of these stages is not easy enough to pass. These stages can be termed as goals and the sequence or the career path formed by these stages can be termed as a mission.

3) Goals –end results

Goals mean end results. For instance, the end result of your four years graduation is the certificate or the title that you are a graduate or the end result of your one year post graduation is the certificate or the title that you are a post graduate. A goal generally requires some objectives or sub goals to be achieved.

4) Objectives –sub goals

As stated above, objectives are sub goals. They are the prerequisites to achieve a goal. For instance, if you want to make a good CG PA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) in your graduation, you have to earn a good GPA (Grade Point Average) in each semester in case of a semester system.

Vision and Mission of Microsoft Corporation -An Example

Global Diversity and Inclusion are integral to the vision, strategy, and business success of Microsoft. Microsoft officially formed the Office of Diversity & Inclusion in recognition of the fact that leadership in the global marketplace requires a corporate culture and an inclusive business environment where the best and brightest diverse minds—employees with varied perspectives, skills, and experiences—work together to meet consumer demands.

1.1 Vision Statement-a written statement of a desired future

“Global diversity and inclusion is an integral and inherent part of our culture, fueling our business growth while allowing us to attract, develop, and retain this best talent, to be more innovative in the products and services we develop, in the way we solve problems, and in the way we serve the needs of an increasingly global and diverse customer and partner base.”

2.1 Mission Statement-the way of reaching the vision

“The Microsoft mission regarding global diversity and inclusion is to create an environment that helps Microsoft capitalize on the diversity of its people and the inclusion of ideas and solutions to meet the needs of its increasingly global and diverse customer base.”

Has Microsoft achieved its vision?

During the past few years, they have accomplished the following:

  • Developed a cohesive Global Diversity & Inclusion strategy linked to the company's business and vision
  • Strengthened global perspective and integration of this diversity strategy across the company
  • Enhanced leadership engagement with the chief executive officer (CEO) and executive diversity sponsors
  • Improved overall quality and accuracy of diversity data in the U.S. and globally
  • Increased portfolio of diversity and inclusion training tools and courses



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