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The things you should know about when implementing a strategic plan

Updated on August 12, 2011

The things you should know about when implementing a strategic plan

Strategy implementation is the transforming of a plan into action. Transformation of a plan into action involves;

· Planning further. It not enough to formulate a plan but one also has to formulate an implementation plan. How is the end product going to reach the consumer? What policies will be in play after the product is introduced to the market? These are the questions that the manager should ask and be able to answer.

· Effectively communicating to implementers. The workers on the ground must clearly know what to do and how to do it. This is achieved by concise, clear, and concrete communication.

· Organising resources

· Leading and controlling.

Characteristics of the implementation stage;

1. Each strategy has its own unique strategic window. A strategy developed last year may not work in the present.

2. Every strategy has its own requirements and changes.

3. Successful implementation is usually implemented by top leadership with group work and team effort.

4. Strategies are implemented by people. In order for strategies to work there must be a human touch. Therefore it is trite to have the commitment of all the workforce in implementing the strategic plan

5. Out sourcing is another feature of strategy implementation.

Content of an implementation plan will include; what activities to be done, when they will be done, who will do them, what resources will be required, what will be the performance indicators. Performance indicators may be;

· Objective/verifiable indicators

· Means of verification/evaluation

· Key result areas

Content and integrated work plans can then be developed from this implementation plan schedule of tasks or actionable steps.


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