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importance Of Time - Best Utilization

Updated on June 6, 2016

Time is precious, time is tough, time is running, grab the bus! Sounds familiar? No? All right, how about hickory dickory dock, mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck one, the mouse ran down, 'hickory dickory dock! Oh I sound like a real dork! Lets talk about time today, (that is if you have time to read my blabber) or you can just flip the page. Any way, coming back to topic, time and time again we have been reminded about how precious time is, and how we shouldn't waste it. But thanks to face book, we waste it in kilograms now. Which most-ly results in backaches, headaches and weary state of mind. Even during exam preparation, status updates about groaning, and asking everyone for prayers don't stop. And as a result we bring shiny eggs, which our parents deep fry and serve us for breakfast with grimaces.
Time apparatus started with sundials; water clocks and sand glasses, which eventually made Peter Henlein a Germ, think of inventing spring clocks in l5th Century. The word Clock is derived from Celtic words, clagan and clocca meaning 'bell'. Thus then as the time proceeded we got grandpa clocks withelfs hiding inside them, fancy wall clocks with bong bongs, cuckoo alarm clocks, which lead onto fresh generation of wrist watches, (which I like to call wrist time bombs), digital wrist watches, water resistant watches, and watches with computers! See how time changes things! Quite amazing if I say so myself! Some people love delaying stuff and have bunch of lame excuses to scatter around. Oh I was late because my dog or cat called me up, and told me I haven't been spending enough time with them, and then we both went to dinner,

I ate the chicken, my pet ate the bone, and then my pet paid the waiter in licks and wags, and then we both blew our noses in tissue papers, hence I got late. I wonder whether you are teary eyed after reading this! Such people are Dilatory (habitually late), whether its their own wedding or class, earth rotates slowly for them. Poor souls. Sigh' Bad timings are more popular than good timings. The minute you open your mouth and say something stupid, you desire earth would open and swallow you up! Its like Putting your feet in your mouth, which is a 1 disgusting idiom, if I you think of it in practical terms ! . Like for instance while every one is discussing planets, you suddenly start singing Dory's favorite lines "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.."! There are also bad timings in which people do inappropriate things. For instance if you own a museum, and in section of stone age , you keep an ipod, it would be called Anachronistic (representation of something existing or happening in wrong time period), which seems quite awkward! And speaking of museums, did you know that old age stuff is usually called Archaic (characteristic of an earlier time; antiquated; old)! So that tea pot you are using these days, you can keep it in a treasure box, and pass it onto generations,

until one person of your family will finally get annoyed and sell it to be an instant millionaire! Oh but make sure its manufactures name and date are printed and kept intact, in fact take my advice and, make that part of your will. As the clock ticks away so does moments of our life. Good time or bad times are both Ephemeral (lasting for only a brief time, temporary). But how we use the time, and what we do in the hours and minutes passing by does matter. If we just sit down and mourn about the time that's gone, and if we keep spinning cobwebs of negative thoughts in our minds and keep dwindling in our past then we will never be able to move on. Hence clear the cobwebs that are stored in the attic of your mind, and look forward to each day as a new beginning! Enough said, Pits time to say good-bye. Adios people!


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