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Indefinite Selling Restriction on eBay

Updated on November 6, 2015

Is your eBay Account Restricted Indefinitely?

My sister's eBay seller account was indefinitely restricted. I created this lens for other eBay sellers who have questions about eBay selling restrictions. I heard some people asked,

"When an eBay seller is indefinitely restricted does that mean that he or she is permanently banned from selling? or at some point his or her eBay seller account is it lifted"?

This lens will try to answer these questions and give you more information about eBay's selling restriction.

Image Credit: jumpinjimmyjava, on flickr
Image Credit: jumpinjimmyjava, on flickr

Ebay's Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR)

From reading on eBay's forum and further google research seems to show that ebay selling restrictions is a more recurring issue and happening to many. I also learned that there are a number of sellers who are puzzled about eBay's selling restriction and not sure why their account was restricted. Some eBay sellers that are put on restrictions even have great selling performance records. I am surprised that there are many loyal and good' ebayers with long years of records and making ebay a great marketplace are going down. While I agree that if you break the rules, I guess it's just fair that you'll be restricted it's but tough to see really good sellers who have high positive feedback transactions a month say 600 + and maybe unfortunately 2-3 negative feedback suffer. Why must a good ebay seller who doesn't break rules pay for buyers who are not paying attention, not clearly reading the sales description and presumed mutual agreement of sale and then suffer their Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR). Some customer do not even try to contact the seller before leaving any feedback. Have you ever experienced that?

What Other eBay Sellers say

Image Credit: rightonbro, on flickr
Image Credit: rightonbro, on flickr

"I'm a power seller, no negative feedbacks, but my account was restricted from selling indefinitely and I didn't do anything wrong! Ebay didn't give me any answer. Ebay don't help me, don't tell me the reason!"

The statement above is from a seller that do not have a clue why her seller account is restricted indefinitely. She said that prior to her indefinite restriction, she received an email (outside of ebay) from other seller accusing her. She's had her ebay account for almost 10 years and she's selling on eBay is how she make a living. She claims she contacted eBay many times but eBay did not tell her the reason about the restriction. According to her, eBay says "We're not comfortable with your selling practices or business model, and we feel they don't help to promote a positive buying and selling environment"

Another eBay seller said, "I just got restricted from selling FOREVER. I have 100% feedback, NEVER had a negative, but they banned me because "my account is linked" to another account that has issues. I've only had one account, NEVER had any other one. I tried explaining this to the rep and her supervisor, but no dice. They said I cannot prove my account wasn't linked to any other accounts even though I offered to fax/mail them my ID, bank statements, paypal statements, etc, I was not given ANY specifics as to why I was actually banned from ever selling again. I'm extremely upset because I depend on the income I make from ebay, and don't know what else to do."

Here's one more seller that has been restricted;

"I've been selling for about a year and a half, all going well, account in perfect order, 100% feedback. A couple of weeks ago I requested an increase in my selling limits, I spoke to a rep on the phone and was told I would receive an email requesting further information. I received the email and did as instructed, sent over more copies of invoices from suppliers and my proof of ID. I later received an email with the following subject line: MC008 eBay Indefinite Selling Restriction. Obviously I called ebay, they claim they linked me to some account that is restricted. Well, the only account I have ever had is my personal account and that account is fine and has no limitations what so ever. I have written to ebay and got a call back telling me they won't budge and they just don't seem to care. I have written to ebay and got a call back telling me they won't budge and they just don't seem to care.What can I do? Anyone I can write to directly at ebay? I am invested in stock, in an office, I've even employed someone to work for me... and now I have nothing, no sales, no sign of movement from ebay and no income."

Here's one more;

"I've been an eBay member for seven years, have 97.5 positive feedback, and have had no negative feedback in the past month, yet my account is now restricted too. Most of the negative feedback I've received has been from buyers who either did not read the description or who tried to change terms or screw me over after the sale. The most recent negative was from a buyer who didn't realize she should contact me about the problem; I contacted her and got the problem resolved, but I had to wait for international shipping to go through so now it's too late to request a revision. I never had any problems before DSRs were introduced and eBay stopped allowing negative feedback for buyers. I guess sellers are just supposed to bend over and take it."

And last one;

"I had the same thing happen to me unbelievable, 548 positive feedbacks on high dollar items, and one negative from a buyer to wanted me to lie on the shipping costs and I wouldn' a couple who said I was slow shipping, and I'm banned from ebay forever...I've been selling for over 15 years on ebay, unbelievable...the person I spoke to on the phone was a waste of time, she just kept reading back the same canned verbage over and over again....prior comments are right, ebay assumes buyers are gods, and sellers are scum."

Image credit: mrsdkrebs, on flickr
Image credit: mrsdkrebs, on flickr

Learn from Other Sellers

I am sharing you these stories about other ebay sellers whose accounts were indefinitely restricted to show you that eBay sometimes suspends accounts without telling you the reason why.

If you have an eBay seller account in good standing, be sure to take good care of your account. My sister and one friend are "suspended indefinitely" with 100% feedback. The Detailed Seller Ratings stuff is awful. Because people can remain anonymous they are more likely to nit-pick.

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Image Credit: brian395, on flickr
Image Credit: brian395, on flickr

One Important Lesson with eBay Selling

Do not Share Computer with other eBay user

My sister for example has 100% positive feedback and never had a negative but she got banned because her eBay account is linked to another account that has issues. She has multiple accounts, and although having multiple accounts is acceptable on eBay, one of her account has issues and it kept triggering red flags. One of her account was flagged from "shill bidding" which according to her she never do. She's only guessing that it's from her sharing her computer to her roommate. I guess the cookies on her computer messed up eBay system when her friend logged in? She's not sure but that's her only guess. She has always been very careful with eBay's policies and it has always been her number one priority, but that doesn't really matter now because her account was restricted anyway.

Image credit: Renato Ganoza, on flickr
Image credit: Renato Ganoza, on flickr

Received Ebay selling account restriction?

Can you work it out?

Still make a phone call. What can it hurt at this point? Call eBay customer support and don't get off the phone until you talk to some one that can make a decision. Sometimes calling them gets you a representative that works in some call center outside the United States like India or the Philippines. eBay CSRs outside of their main branches in the U.S. do not have full access to information. Don't waste your breath on the first CSR who answers the phone. Request to be transferred to a U.S. customer service representative.You need to get somebody from U.S. on the phone - in Salt Lake. These are the only people on eBay that have access to the information needed to make any changes on your account.

Maybe you get lucky. But I have to warn you, Ebay will do what they want, when they want, without explanation. They don't have to tell you why they did anything.

When my sister called about her account, she asked if there's anything she can do to resolve any issues about her account and the representative just said, "no" eBay has put the indefinite restriction. She was disappointed because she has huge inventory in her house.

Image credit: Tsahi Levent-Levi , on flickr
Image credit: Tsahi Levent-Levi , on flickr

Ebay selling account has been restricted indefinitely, will it be reinstated?

Can you get your selling account back once it has been restricted?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if the word "indefinitely" was used in the message from eBay, then unfortunately their decision is final. You have been permanently suspended.

I'm not sure if there's any change in eBay policy in the future that may get you to sell again but in the meantime, it is best to look into other options, where you can make more money for yourself.

Do you Sell on Ebay?

Do you know anybody whose seller account got restricted indefinitely or suspended permanently? Please leave a comment. Thank you!

Take care of your eBay account

If you sell on eBay, take good care of your account. Make sure you obey their policies. Read often and engage on their forum. You will learn more if you participate there. Sometimes even though you're doing everything right, you still get suspended for unknown reasons. I'm not sure if it's the system but it's hard to get back selling on eBay once you get suspended for life so read the policies and tips posted by fellow ebay users on the forum. Goodluck!


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    • profile image

      Naveen Kumar 

      3 years ago

      My last option to buy or sell in India is ebay.

      pathetic service

      pathetic customer support

      pathetic seller protection

      and sucking seller limits. Now ebay should learn from amazon, flipkart if it want to survice in long run


    • profile image


      3 years ago

      when you start your business on ebay you have to be pretty careful so they can trust of you , i have account and it is in bellow standard from defects from months i was telling they will suspend my account for that but i found out they still keep me because 4 years i sold over 100K gross and that might make them rethink to give me a chance to fix it and i am trying do that :)

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I was banned after getting a couple of negative feedback from buyers, both were bogus. This was 7+ years ago. I recently cobtacted ebay via phone and had my account reinstated on a limited basis to start.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Indefinitely is forever, this will be interesting when every unfair violation will end up with a Sellers collective Class Action.

      They are definitely caught out by the Disability Act whom they sign up and do not cover in their policies and place unfair legal blah blah blah upon them.


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