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Inexpensive Business Cards

Updated on August 5, 2009

When you run your own business and you need to network and grow your list of associates, clients and investors, it always pays to have a handful of your own printed business cards on you at all times. This even applies to social events and gatherings because you never know who you may run into. It could be your next big client, or a potential investor who can turn your business into a force to be reckoned with overnight.

Business cards are one of the most important ways of getting your business name and details across to other people, regardless of cell phones and PDAs. When you give a prospective client something solid that they can keep in their wallet for future reference, they will not lose it as easily as they may lose their cell phone. The details are accurate and they know they will always be able to contact you from that card, whereas details can be entered ionto a cell phone or PDA incorrectly and that's the last you'll ever see of someone who could turn your business around in the blink of an eye.

Inexpensive Business Cards and Their Advantages

The advantages of appropriating inexpensive business cards are the cost factor, naturally and the fact that for a given budget you can have more of them made. This may seem like cutting corners, but when you think about it, that is not necessarily the case.

Most prospective clients, for instance, are not in the least bothered about how chic yoru business cards look. They want a name, an address, an email address and a telephone number so they can contact you. Anything else is wasted unless you really are out to impress a big money investor or potential investing partner for your business.

In those cases, some people are impressed by impressive and expensive looking business cards, but not many. Worse, is that in general, the kind of people that are impressed by an expensive business card are probably similarly impressed by tall tales and outright lies and are equally capable of telling them back.

Inexpensive Doesn't Necessarily Mean Cheap Business Cards

You should always remember that inexpensive does not have to mean cheap either. So while a batch of inexpensive business cards can still look highly professional and to the point, cheap business cards are simply cheap and printed on thinner, inferior quality card.

As long as the quality is reasonable and the print definition is sharp and easy to read, then the business cards you get from an inexpensive printer are certainly worth the money and will do their job as well as any. The things to look for are good quality card and high definition print that you can read easily. Black print on a white background is still the best in terms of ensuring a potential client does not misread your number or address and fail to turn up to a meeting because of a simple mistake.

So wherever you decide to get your business cards printed, if the sample looks good and is what you want to see and is printed on good quality card, then go for it and don't waste money on more expensive business cards that will do you no more good for the extra expense.


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