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What is an Information Kiosk?

Updated on February 5, 2013

What does an Information Kiosk do?

What is an Information Kiosk?

An information Kiosk is a kiosk (a computer for public access) that provides information about a particular subject or topic.

Why do we need Information Kiosk?

To provide the public with useful information to help them make informed choices or to improve their standards of living.

Want to know more about Information Kiosks?

Parent Information Point kiosk
Parent Information Point kiosk

Family Information Services (FIS)

Information Kiosks

Parent Information Point

Wall mounted touchscreen Family Information Services Kiosk system with custom software for the Childcare Information Service (FIS) to parents and carers about caring for children, going back to work, and a host of other information besides. Central government has made provision of this information by local governments mandatory, and not only that they also have to show that the information has actually been delivered. Kiosks4business' Parent Information Point provides information in four ways: on-screen, via a print-out to our locally sited wireless printer, via an e-mail to the user's home e-mail account and lastly through a free phone call using the integrated digital telephone handset (based on VoIP technology). The touchscreen machines is a significant improvement on normal kiosk products by being compact, wireless and wall-mounted. Part of the system allows each council to control it's estate of machines by using a single, web-based Management Console. This console also provides usage statistics on-demand and more. Parent Information Point is a very complete offering but the focus of the system remains very firmly, the user.

(PIP), now in its second revision is a complete solution, designed specifically for delivering information in the Early Years and Family Information Services (FIS) environment. It satisfies the need to deliver live, relevant and uptodate information to parents and carers of children.


Are kiosks an Invaluable Component of Today's Information Age?
Are kiosks an Invaluable Component of Today's Information Age?

Are kiosks an Invaluable Component of Today's Information Age?

Computer kiosks are the machinery of choice when it comes to delivering information and services to the public via an automated system. Even if you do not know much about self-service and information kiosks, you have probably have used them more than you think. A kiosk allows users to ask questions, get directions, search information, locate a house or job situation or perform an online transaction, or collect cash in exchange for merchandise.

Computer kiosks are extremely handy and remove a great deal of excessive human interaction. This permits more fluid customer movement, and allows organizations to employ fewer employees to manage customer interactions. Having a kiosk fulfilling customer service rolls means that customers can quickly and efficiently get or find out what they want whilst employees can focus on their core duties. There is virtually no area where information kiosks can not be used for a better customer satisfaction and cutting costs.

The technology used in interactive kiosks is basically the same as that used in computers. Touch screen kiosks are mainly operated with the help of a control unit and a touch screen sensitive LCD monitor. To operate a kiosk the user simply needs to touch the area of the screen to navigate the custom built program. The touch screen operation of the kiosk make the functioning very simple and user-friendly, users simply point and touch what they wish to select or where they want to go.

A touch screen kiosk is a stand-alone device that has a touch screen interface. Such kiosks consist of touch screen monitor and looks like a computer screen that offers touch screen functionality.

Advances in technology have allowed many kiosks to forego the traditional mouse-and-keyboard layout in favour of touch-screens. This allows even more intuitive use of the machines. Users no longer need to worry about possessing any computer knowledge to operate the system, which is great for people who don’t have any computer use experience.

Most kiosk project have a software as well as a hardware element and you will find that some kiosk manufacturers specialise in provide a complete solution.

Information kiosk that was once considered a product only reserved for high end museums, however, installing an information kiosk with easy to use features for displaying information on a touch screen monitor is no more considered a high end product that can be installed only in selected places. Kiosks are common place in society and are being installed and utilised in more and more locations such as educational institutions, public locations and even businesses.

Interactive kiosks are an invaluable component of today's Information Age. The ability to efficiently and repeatedly convey information to employees and patrons, current clients and prospective customers is essential to a company or organisations ability to grow.

Antimicrobial Touchscreen Coatings for Kiosks
Antimicrobial Touchscreen Coatings for Kiosks

Antimicrobial Touchscreen Coatings for Kiosks

The touchscreen of the kiosk that makes it so user friendly, stylish and enables the smooth application of sophisticated software is open to abuse, not from the users, on the contrary but from microbes and germs. These microbes and germs however, don't effect the screen in any way, but deposits on the screen from arsenic, plant and animal extracts, germs and viruses and other known poisons are harmful to the users of the kiosk. Furthermore, viruses such as flu which can live on a hard surface for up to 24 hours; imagine how many people that virus could infect on a busy kiosk.

Microbes and germs on touchscreens are a particular issue for NHS kiosks and touchscreens in medical centres, as well as kiosk located in schools, local government buildings and retail outlets where kiosks see particularly high traffic.

Whilst daily cleaning can remove microbes and germs from the touchscreen, normal cleaning products are unable to protect the surface from re-contamination. And there are other solutions on the market which offer a longer protection that involve a daily application of solution which poisons the microbes. These solutions which sit on the touchscreen degrade and are removed over time. Another problem with these solutions is that these poisons can be harmful to user's skin and to the environment, not to mention that they can also cause erosive damage to the touchscreen itself over the long term.

Antimicrobial technologies have developed an Antimicrobial Shield which is safe to be used on kiosks and their touchscreens. This antimicrobial shield does not rely on poisoning the microbes and germs but instead attracts them to the touchscreen and kills them with a physical method of control, so it can not be transfused from one user to the next.

This is the science of how the antimicrobial barrier works:

The active part of the antimicrobial shield is a molecule that is made up of three parts. The first being the saline base which bonds to the touchscreen through hydrolysis reaction, enabling the molecule to stick to the touchscreen surface. Once this product is applied, it doesn't need reapplying, because it will remain there over the life of the kiosk. Even normal cleaning won't remove this protective coating.

The second section is positively charged nitrogen. The positively charged nitrogen attracts the negatively charged germs and microbes towards it.

The third and final section is the molecular chain, which pierces the cells membrane as the nitrogen attracts the microbe in. This is usually enough to kill germs and microbes dead in their tracks. However, there is a second line of defence. If the germs and microbes come into contact with the nitrogen a small electrical charge occurs which destroys the microbe.

The surface of the screen still needs cleaning everyday to remove the destroyed microbes; however there is no fear from infection from the dead microbes. Antimicrobial technology provides the perfect solution for both touchscreen kiosks and the kiosk users.

Kiosks4business now offer Aegis antibacterial coatings on their products as standard.

Youth Information Kiosks
Youth Information Kiosks

Youth Information Kiosks

Information Kiosks

Whilst our focus has always been to make information as accessible as possible for all users, when it comes to young people, technology is king! Young people led the way with the explosive growth in mobile use and texting, as well as gaming, and it is this natural attraction which makes our Youth Information Kiosks as effective as it is.

Youth Information Kiosks - Overview

Our experience with Local Authorities has been wide ranging, but there has indeed been a focus on Early Years. As the local authority agendas changed to incorporate families, and their subsequent migration to Family Information Services (FIS), the Youth sector naturally followed.

Young people are under tremendous pressure today. Relentless study and exams, performance expectations, peer pressures, family pressures and so on. The most extraordinary thing is that, even with all this pressure, they're still growing and developing, and aren't even the people they'll end up being!

Is it any wonder then that there are frequent cries for help that we read about so often?

Frequently, we find that most issues boil down to lack of information or ignorance about certain subjects, or just plain not knowing who to talk to


Youth Information Kiosks link information provision and the ability to quickly place a call to a service provider whilst browsing at particular pieces of information, so that there is a greater chance of services being accessed by young people in need.

The Youth Information Kiosks' touchscreen format is simple to use and attractive to young people, and the acrylic fascia can be made to be as welcoming as possible through cutting edge graphics and design.

Request a Demo

Local council information Kiosks
Local council information Kiosks

Local council Kiosks

Information Kiosks

Our touchscreen council kiosks enable local councils to provide users with access to services and advice as well as bill payments. Council kiosks can be used in main offices, libraries, shopping centres and other sites to deliver access to council services using touchscren kiosks.

Why do councils use kiosks?

Local councils have many departments interfacing to the public and require kiosk systems which can show complex information in a simple way. By using kiosks as a delivery method for your services you can ensure that your messages are always up to date. Using our mykiosk touchscreen kiosks for local councils means you can also include a telephone handset to enable you customers to call various council departments. The council kiosks can be fully branded to fit with your council colour scheme and corporate identity.

Council kiosks are great for providing access to information, support and advice to those less familiar with the web and computers.


Hotel Information Kiosks
Hotel Information Kiosks

Hotel Information Kiosks

Information Kiosks

Hotel kiosks are touchscreen kiosks for use in hotels to provide access to hotel information, local area information and tourise attractions and much more.

Hotel kiosks are all about improving the level of customer service you are able to offer at arrivals, during the period of stay and check out.

Our hotel kiosks are designed to be vibrant and customised to suit the style of your hotel. The kiosks themselves can be fully branded with colour schemes and logos as appropriate.

Hotel information point provides your clients with information about the facilities at your hotel.

Hotels Kiosk Ideas:

Arrivals queing

Book a taxi


What's on at the restaurant

Book a table

Find out about local entertainment

Find local transport - taxi, bus stops, trains

What are the room rates?

What sports facilities are available

Showcase entertainment at your hotel

Provide customer service feedback forms

Sponsorship - local companies can sponsor your hotel kiosks

Hotel kiosks can be sited in the main foyer by reception, outside your restaurant or on each floor of your hotel to provide information on hotel services.

Request a Demo



Who are Kiosks4Business?

As an operating division of Sequoia Technology Limited, a small to medium sized business based in Reading, kiosks4business was created to public access computing solutions for local authorities and public organisations. We have built and installed Parent Information Point systems in more than 15 councils across the UK and hundreds of other systems into automotive dealerships and other applications.


Our products are installed in many councils including: Bournemouth, Cumbria, Flintshire, Kirklees, Wrexham, Oldham and many others. Many are keen to act as referees of our products and services, and we'll happily put you in touch with them if you require this.

What next?

If you would like to find out more about how kiosks4business systems can help you deliver your services then please call us today on 0845 451 2020 or visit our website -

We would love to read your thoughts and comments about information kiosks and touchscreen kiosk systems. Please leave your comments below.

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