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Inline Seo Training Program Review-Is This the Best Online Search Engine Optimization Training?

Updated on December 11, 2013

Online Seo Training Program

Inline Seo System Review-Introduction

This Inline Seo Training program review is almost certainly the most comprehensive review of Lisa Parmley’s seo training program you will come across. You will discover the advantage of being able to build a website which won’t be damaged catastrophically when Google rolls out another change to it’s search engine algorithm as it did in 2011 and 2012.

Lisa Parmley is an seo expert but she learned the hard way.

In 2001 this former research scientist spent 14 months creating an online training program to teach people how to pass a particular professional exam. Once she launched her program online and waited for the sales notifications to roll in she was sorely disappointed.

Because none came. She was looking at a wasted 14 months of her life and couldn't understand why. A friend told her to try listing her product on She did and she saw her first sale.

But she didn't work so hard for so long to end up selling her online training on Ebay. So she resolved to find out why her website was not making any sales.

She soon discovered why-the website was not ranking in the search engines and she was not getting any traffic. She then began to apply her scientific mind to search engine optimization and learning how to get her site to rank well and generate traffic.

It took her a while but bit by bit she put the pieces of seo together and soon the trickle of sales of her own product from her own site began to become a steady flow.

And she has never looked back. She has seen remarkable success online in a range of online areas such as affiliate marketing, eLearning and selling her own products, cost per action programs, and the Google Adsense program.

The Inline Seo training program is the fruit of her experience, her trial and error, her research, her failures.

And her successes.

Quite frankly, Parmley is making obscene amounts of money online with various websites which rely on search engine traffic; traffic that has lasted and grown over the years and which has been unaffected by Google algorithm changes such as Panda, Penguin, the exact match domain change, and so on.

But what can the Inline Seo System do for you, if anything? Let’s take a look.

Inline Seo Training Materials

What Is In The Inline Seo System?

The Inline Seo System training program is extensive. When you log into the back end area where all of the videos, PDF transcripts, workbooks, and check lists are located this is what you will find..


Lisa Parmley introduces you to the training program with an introduction which contains three videos covering the key concepts and foundation stones of the Inline Seo training system.

First is a look at how the Inline seo course is structured in an “Overview” video. Then there are two more introductory videos which look at

  • Using search engine optimisation as a traffic pillar for your site but not being entirely dependent on any one source of traffic. So Parmley explains how to minimize your dependence on the search engines and seo through great content on your site
  • How to maintain long term rankings in the search engines and the question of “algorithm proofing” your efforts and your website.

Keyword Research is..Key

Keyword Research-Module 1

Once you have been introduced to the course you move on to Module 1 which contains an action plan for module 1 together with worksheets for you to fill in and chart your progress.

There is also an extensive questions and answers video with Lisa Parmley answering most of the common questions she has come across from purchasers of the course from all over the world.

Then there are five more categories within module 1 as follows:

i.Keyword research

This section looks at four critical areas:

  • Keyword mapping
  • What Parmley calls the “nested concept” when assessing keywords
  • Related keywords
  • How to build a keyword list

Each of these areas are covered by videos and transcripts of the videos. As with all of Parmley’s training you can download the videos, transcripts, work books, and check list for up to 12 months after purchase.

ii.Category Site Template/Blueprint

This section takes you through, by way of four videos, how to compile a keyword list and how to select the keyphrases for the content of your site and then organize your content and site into the best categories-best for your visitors and for search engines.

iii.Featured Site Blueprint

This section contains 3 videos and shows you how to draw up your keyword list and organize what Parmley calls a “featured” site. This site won’t have categories like the site referred to in section 2 above; it will have featured pages which are linked to from the home page.

This type of site is typically used as an affiliate type site to sell affiliate products.

iv.Product Site Template

This section, containing 3 videos, shows you how to set up a site to sell your own product or service.

v.Ecommerce Site Blueprint

This section shows you how to set up an ecommerce site with most of the pages being product pages showcasing individual products within a particular niche market.

So, that is module 1. To recap, it is divided up into five different sections or categories and no matter what kind of website you want to build, it is covered here with extensive keyword research and planning.

This is typical of Parmley’s training-detailed and extensive and reflecting her background as a research scientist.

On Site Search Engine Optimization

Site Structure and On Site Seo-Module 2

This module starts, like module 1 with 2 videos: one is a video with the action plan to begin setting out all of the pages on your site with the benefit of the keyword research carried out in module 1 and the other video is a questions and answers video dealing with all of the questions that commonly arise in structuring your site.

Then there are 3 sections in the module:

a) structure

The site structure category deals with 404 not found pages, domain name tips, title element and meta tags, headline and h1 tags, internal linking, rss feeds, and very importantly, the url structure that you will use on your site for best effect.

Each of these topics are given their own video (7 videos) where Parmley talks about many of the overlooked and hidden aspects of things you may not even think about, for example rss feeds and 404 pages.

b) examples of sites

In this section Lisa takes you through a number of different sample site to see exactly how she lays out her sites to stunning effect from an seo perspective.

c) content

This section is a critically important one in ensuring great seo of your website. Because great content is the bedrock of sites which rank well and attract increasing and sustainable traffic long into the future.

There are 4 videos in this section which look at

  • The basics of great content and the two main criteria you will be judged by
  • How Google perceives your site and it’s pages
  • Related keyphrases-the presence or absence of related keyphrases can make or break your site’s content and how good a job it does for you
  • Alternative forms of content from text based content-audio, video, images, web applications, and more

Off Page Seo

Back links and Off Page Seo-Module 3

Module 3 is all about off page seo and back links. There are the usual action plan and questions and answers videos as in the other modules.

The sections in this module are then broken down into:

1. Link basics

This sub category looks at white hat and black hat seo and why you need to stick to white hat. It also looks at the different types of link categories you need to be aware of before going into greater detail in the sections below.

There are 2 videos in this sub category.

2. Real links

The real links sub category contains 5 videos which deal with

  • Real links, parts 1, 2, and 3
  • Link triggers
  • Social media.

3. Hidden links

Hidden links sub category has 8 videos which deal with

  • An introduction to hidden links and what they are
  • Social bookmarking
  • Web 2.0 links part 1
  • Web 2.0 links part 2 and link wheels
  • Blog networks parts 1,2, and 3
  • Paid links

4. Forced links

This sub category has 4 videos which cover

  • An explanation of forced links
  • Web directories
  • Article marketing
  • Press releases.

Inline Seo Support

This seo training program has a full time support help desk manned by one of Parmley’s employees, unlike many support desks that you might come across online.

Lisa Parmley Seo-Individualized Coaching

As I write this today Lisa Parmley is offering individual coaching as time allows. You must first send in your request and then hope she has time to coach you.

The cost of a one on one strategy call by Skype call is $500 per hour.

She also provides an in depth site analysis for $1,995.

For this reason her online coaching program, the Inline Seo System, is real value. When you look at the content which I have described above along with the real support you get to answer any questions and compare it to the individual coaching rates she is commanding it is almost certainly a no brainer of a decision.

Do be warned: this seo training program does require work and application. If you are looking for a quick fix or get rich quick solution or want to try to fool the search engines and hope they won’t find out too soon, this is not for you.

However if you really want to understand seo and how to derive the benefits for you and your website this course is a good choice.

Parmley provides a sample of her training by way of some free video training which will give you a great idea of the type of course she provides.

Please accept her free training videos from Parmley’s Inline Seo course here.

Inline Seo Training Area-My Membership Area

Authority Site Model Course

Lisa Parmley has one other course called the Authority Site Model which is aimed towards people who have an idea, product, service but do not have a website and want to benefit from search engine traffic.

Parmley teaches you how to do this by building an authority site-a site that visitors will want to return to again and again because of the quality of the content and the site's usefulness to the visitor.

It also becomes a trusted, "authority" type site in the eyes of the search engines leading to sustainable, long term traffic.

You can read my review of the Authority Site Model here.

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