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Intensify - Enhance - Abate

Updated on July 7, 2014

Intensify your focus.

Are you computing in the cloud or living in one? Actually you can live in the cloud. The cloud is for everything: it services enterprise computing and personal needs. You can rid your shelves of books and photo albums and store them in the cloud. You can enjoy streaming movies and music ...

We don't have time to slowly test the water as breathing air in the 21st century puts us smack dab in the middle of the largest sensory overload of all ages with an unsurpassed advancement in technology - embrace it.

Business 101 isn't for sissies - be ready to implement cutting edge technology and ensure you're "current", by continually examining and learning new regulations and critical performance data from multiple experts, vendors, and industrial networking associations. Multi-tasking means so much more now than it used to. During any given hour of work your focus should be on meeting daily objectives, new methodologies, generating revenue, herding employees, asset protection and risk management. Unless you're a Super Hero how will you hone in before you zone out?


Enhance performance.

Performance must be cutting edge today or you'll be forgotten in a heartbeat by savvy consumers as they line up for service from those with more enticing offers. Fewer employees are needed in fields such as automation and service, as outsourcing has taken the lead in design, manufacturing, communication, and a multitude of services. This doesn't mean there's less work to be done.

Our needs will never be met as we continually struggle to compete in a world hungering for the finest in content, service, and overall experience. 19th century saw only a small percent of women visiting hair salons, this was seen as a luxury to women busy sewing their own clothes and baking. The 20th century indulged even those in low income brackets with bustling nail and hair salons on every street corner. 21st century finds women from all walks of life flocking to various spas and salons for their body, skin, hair, and nail beauty. You can't get away from media blasting commercials for facial injections, fat suction, latest fads for hair and nails, vein removal, gastric bypass, teeth bleaching, and other unmentionables. While our needs and wants evolve so does the ways we earn a living.

Can you believe it was only 25 years ago that NASDAQ started freaking out because stockbroker Thomas Peterffy began to execute trades using a computer? It won't be long before our cotton t-shirts will charge our mobile devices and there's a credit card coming your way that will replace all of the ones you carry in your wallet.


Abate Risk.

Tort (sic) is now being served; would you like a glass of 1990 Chateaux Latour Pauillac to go with it? You might as well - before your attorney takes your last dime defending your failure to practice due diligence. Stay out of the legal arena with best practices in place. If you're not up to speed on the United States labor statutes and regulations as they apply to business you've got a huge problem - deal with it now. We live in a litigious society, and with this stinking thinking you're bound to find yourself in the midst of a mess one of these days, especially if you're not highly skilled in employment law and human resources.

It's kind of like when I talk to my 90 year- old mother I have to remember she has no idea what I'm talking about at times because she hasn't kept up with our new age of technology and regulations. At 90 years of age my mom can pretty much do what she wants and get by with it, can you? But then again, mom isn't running a business.


Unique Solution + Streaming Revenue = Smart Business


This is much more than an interesting concept! It's smart business!

Today it's all about risk management and keeping your employee cost predictable!

PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services

through highly accredited UniqueHR include:

* State-of-the-art Payroll Administration

* Finest Workers' Compensation Insurance & Claims Administration

* Strategic Risk Management

* Robust Human Resource Services

* Professional Safety Program and Training

* Excellent Benefits Program (optional)

There's no better business model to keep everything running smoothly…

* Keeps Employee Cost Low

* Keeps Employee Cost Predictable

* Best Asset Protection Strategy

* Provides Streamlined Professional HR Processes

It's easy to run the numbers - receive a comparative cost analysis to evaluate our solution.

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