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Your Guide for Finding Real Online Jobs

Updated on January 28, 2013

Online Data Entry Jobs

Most people who are interested in working at home are looking for online data entry jobs. I know that when I first quit my job to work at home, a data entry was one of the first jobs that I had. I was lucky! I didn't pay for a list of online jobs. I really don't think that's necessary. You shouldn't have to pay for information that's free. I found my first online job by reading discussion boards. I paid close attention to what other people wrote, and when I found out who was hiring, I sent my resume in. Although I had been working as a freelance writer, my first online job was a data entry position for Cypher Services. I had read that the company was hiring and other people wrote that they had gotten paid to work for the company. Take note that I waited to see if someone actually got paid before I applied!

Cypher Services is a company that provides document coding for the legal community. Think of it as a Google for law firms. People who use Cypher's services can search documents for specific names, dates, and other keywords. My online job was to read documents online and type keywords which were dictated to me by the company. I had to be able to read online manuals, understand rules, and type specific information quickly and accurately. Not only did I have to type quickly and accurately, but I also had to read volumes of material and pick out the information that I had to type.

I didn't have any experience when I applied for this online job, but it would help to have a legal background. I was given a test, which I had to pass before I was hired. I was paid by check, and I managed to live off the money from Cypher and other document coding companies.

Pay for Document Coding

You can expect to earn about $10 an hour from this online job, but you are typically paid per piece when working as a coder. If your work is not accurate and it is returned to you, you will have to make the corrections for free. So, the trick is to type as accurately as you can the first time. You may earn less if you are new to the industry because it will take a little while to get accustomed to the work. Keep in mind that work from most data entry companies can fluctuate. There will be days when you have a ton of work and other days when there is no work! I worked for Cypher services and Onsite .

Keys for Cash, an Online Data Entry Opp.

Key for Cash, is yet another company that will allow you to type for money. Anyone who is over 18 and living in United States can join (48 states). There is a waiting list, though. You can wait weeks or months to start work with this company, but you should apply now because you never know what may happen down the line.

You can work at any time of the day or night, but work may not be available all the time, so this is a great company to earn some extra cash to go shopping or to put aside for a rainy day. The work may be very sporadic, so please don't count on having hours and hours of work.

Online Transcription Work

Online transcription work is available for people who are skilled at listening to audio and typing. In these positions you are likely to listen to online recordings and type what you hear. Have you ever made a phone call and heard a recording stating that the call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes? Well, there are employers that hire homeworkers to listen to the recordings and transcribe them for their records. I had an opportunity to try out transcription work, and I must say that I was not good at it! You must be extremely patient and have great hearing for this type of online job. On some of the tapes, I couldn't understand what was being said. I got frustrated after listening to the audio over and over. I am also not the fastest typist, and it helps to have a better than decent typing speed.

You should not pay to work, but some jobs have start-up costs. For example, some transcription companies require you to buy a foot pedal. Other transcription companies recommend the foot pedal, but you are allowed to use an online program to start and stop the audio when needed. It is possible to buy the foot pedals from eBay or from a typist who may have one for sell. Headphones also may be recommended.

Online Customer Service Jobs

Taking orders or helping customers online are highly desired positions. I think that one of the best companies to work for is VIP Desk. Although I have not worked for them personally, I've heard good things about this company. Online workers with VIP Desk handle customer service request, sort of like an online concierge. People who are bilingual or speak multiple languages are highly desired. It's not easy to get hired for VIPDesk. They have a pretty extensive screening process which includes a passing a background check and a credit check. Customers service agents are called Brand Ambassadors and are responsible for handling phone calls and chats, processing orders (sometimes catalog orders) answering questions regarding purchases and looking up information as requested. Working for VIP Desk sounds like a nice steady contracting job.


If you enjoy writing, you might want to explore becoming a freelance writer. The work is not easy, and you will have to hone your grammar skills if you are not accustomed to professional writing. Do not be lured into writing content with high word counts for a $1. For example, writing a 500-word article for $1 is a no-no. Although you might start with a lower rate than people who have been writing for years, you shouldn't work for pennies. I highly recommend that you take writing classes or pursue a degree related to writing if you decide to change your profession. It can only help you. I am a professional travel writer, and I love it.


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    • profile image

      Premanand Mishra 3 years ago

      I am from India. I am interested in home-based jobs like online/offline/back office work from home. Can anybody out there suggest some good general transcription sites which employ Indians and also conduct online tests.

    • LPinky profile image

      LPinky 8 years ago

      Thanks this was very imformative. I have wasted lots of money trying to find jobs online. There are lots of scams out there it's to bad I did not read your hub before.

    • profile image

      Kelice 9 years ago

      Which online job would you recommend for someone in the Caribbean? No registration fee of course. Straight data entry and getting paid via wire transfer.

    • profile image

      Kelice 9 years ago

      Which online job would you recommend for someone in the Caribbean? No registration fee of course. Straight data entry and getting paid via wire transfer.

    • kenbiz profile image

      Kenny Tan 9 years ago from United States

      yeah, you have written a nice tips on work at home business opportunity, the video link is removed.

    • profile image

      maria 9 years ago

      I am from India. I am interested in home-based jobs like general transcription and medical transcription. Can anybody out there suggest some good general transcription sites which employ Indians and also conduct online tests.

    • kashifmahmood profile image

      kashifmahmood 9 years ago from Web

      Nice work . Onw more thing I would like to add for online customer service jobs is that many people do no feel comfortable talking to their clients on the phone and this is one of the major job responsibilities . Still there are other online opportunities that one can benefit from .

      Thanks again .

    • kasparu profile image

      kasparu 9 years ago

      Amazing, have been looking for this for ages, but never able to find any info about it, and suddently I stumble over this, thanks, will try to sign up for some of this, just to check it out.

    • momsims22 profile image

      momsims22 9 years ago from Raymore, MO

      Thanks so much for this information. Being newly unemployed I have been very skeptical about a lot of these ads, because I had found most charged a fee. I will try these links that you have provided.

    • The Phantom Blot profile image

      The Phantom Blot 9 years ago

      Again you are loaded with great info. Maybe I should be doing some entry work instead of flipping through the internet all day.

    • Claudine Williams profile image

      Claudine Williams 9 years ago from Atlanta

      Yes. Most of the jobs posted are for people who are in the United States. Some call center jobs that were based in the U.S. have moved abroad, where the workers can be paid less. I am also including, and allowing comments for free work at home jobs. Any scams or job lists that require a fee will be removed.

    • profile image

      Shala 9 years ago

      If you for a work at home legitimate job, VIP is a great company. If you are looking for a company that will give you flexible hours, the freedom to choose your own hours and leeway with time off, and realistic sales goals, you do not want to work for VIP.

    • stubbs profile image

      stubbs 9 years ago from London

      really really excellent hub.

      thank you

    • profile image

      Arlyne22 9 years ago from Huntington Beach


      Thanks for all the tip. I am a stay at home mom and student needing to make extra cash for my books. You site was great to read. Thank you


    • caspar profile image

      caspar 9 years ago from UK

      Great ideas, Claudine - thanks!

    • Jerrico Usher profile image

      Jerrico Usher 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      I'm impressed! I didnt know you could do that (the walmart thing).. another new world opens up for me.. and explains better what those rss feeds are good for.. I'm still a bit new to those.. thank you for your hub this was very helpful, and eye opening!


    • crazycat profile image

      crazycat 9 years ago from Philippines

      Lots of ways to make money online so newbies should read posts and blogs like this one so they would know what will be effective to them that they could venture on.

    • profile image

      manishhada 9 years ago

      man, jobs are galore in the market. i was wondering how i could make a cv for myself to apply for these vacancies. i found this awesome site called it makes resume building so easy...

    • LateApex31 profile image

      LateApex31 9 years ago

      Good tips, thanks! This explains a lot about the online job world that many people don't know.